– is it a scam or legit? Website info and reviews

Subhan N appears to be an online platform which engages in misleading activities. Sites use various methods to deceive users, including promoting fake products, services or investment opportunities. Its primary objective is to defraud people by convincing them under false pretenses to give sensitive information, or to part with money. content can include false claims, fake testimonials and promises of lucrative return to lure users. The design and structure of the site may be designed to look like legitimate platforms, creating a false feeling of trust. operates to exploit people and steal their money.

The scam involves a text message that targets New York residents by posing as unpaid toll violations. The text messages state that recipients must pay the toll balances as soon as possible and include a link “”. The domain leads to a fraudulent site designed to steal financial and personal data.

We will cover the Scam in detail. Firstly, we will review the scam operation and its objectives. Then, we’ll break down how the scam traps victims. If you have fallen for this scam, we will outline the steps you need to take. Finally, we’ll summarize key lessons to help you avoid the same mistake in the future.


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You can look out for these key signs:

Suspicious Text Message

It comes from an unknown 10-digit or random alphabetic sender ID

Includes threatening language demanding immediate payments will be the link that appears in the text.

Red Flags of Phishing Web Sites

URL does not match official domains such as E-ZPass

Branding is similar to logos/graphics, but with small mistakes

The use of poor grammar and spelling, as well as the design of a website, can reveal illegitimacy

Unreliable Payment Claims

The “unpaid” balance amount appears to be made up or arbitrarily

You don’t remember paying any tolls

The toll agency you are referred to is not the one that you have used before

Lack of Confirmation

The official toll agencies confirm receipt of payments by sending an email.

You should not pay if you don’t get a confirmation.

Trust your instincts. Contact the toll agencies and avoid providing personal information if you suspect anything. Watch out for these signs to avoid scams. scam: Common Questions

1. What is a scam?, a phishing attack, involves scammers sending text messages to victims claiming they have unpaid NY tolls. The texts include a link leading to – a fake website that is designed to steal your personal and financial data.

2. How does operate?

Scammers send an urgent text message saying you owe unpaid tolls and need to pay right away. Clicking the link will take you to a convincing website that is fraudulent. The scammers will ask for your personal and credit card information in order to “pay off the balance”.

3. What scamming techniques are used?

The scammers are using urgency in the text, to make you click the link. The phishing page mimics a real toll payment site with logos, branding, and web copy. This tricked users into entering sensitive personal data that was stolen.

4. What information was collected by scammers using

The phishing website collected credit card numbers, expiration dates, security codes and full names. The phishing site gave them the capability to commit financial fraud.

5. How can I tell if is a scam?

Unknown senders may use texts about unpaid fares, or threaten to demand immediate payment. Links that are suspicious and in particular can be a warning sign.

6. What should I be doing if I receive a message that links to

You should not provide any information or click on the link. To report this scam, contact your cell phone service provider. Verify directly with toll agencies whether you have unpaid balances.

7. What steps should I follow if my information is incorrect?

Call your banks and credit cards companies immediately to alert them of possible fraud. Add fraud alerts to your credit reports. Reset your passwords and security question. Monitor statements for suspicious charges.

8. How can I avoid being scammed by

Never click links in unsolicited texts. Never click on links in unsolicited messages. Before taking any action, independently verify all payment notices.

9. How large was the scam?

This scam was at its height in early 2022. It affected thousands in the NYC metropolitan area. While the scam is declining, isolated incidents do still happen and new variations could emerge. The impact is understated because many victims may not have reported.

10. What should I be doing if I am a victim of a new toll-payment scam?

Verify the legitimacy of any links before clicking. Report texts and emails that are suspicious to your carrier or authorities. Consider taking preventative steps, such as placing fraud alarms in the event that personal data is compromised.

How do I block

Gridinsoft is able to block the domain without further user involvement.

Gridinsoft Anti Malware can be downloaded to your computer.

Follow the instructions on screen to install the software. Double-click the gsam.en-install.exe and follow the instructions onscreen.

Gridinsoft Anti-Malware will automatically open the Scan window once installation is completed.

Click on “Standard Scan”.

Once the scanning is completed, click “Clean Now” in order to remove any detected threats.

To complete the removal, restart your computer when prompted.

Bottom Line is a scam that uses social engineering to steal identifiers and payment information. If we are aware of the scammer’s tactics, then we can prevent falling victim.

Takeaways from the conference include:

The scam begins with fake texts about unpaid tolls

Phishing sites that steal data by redirecting users to fake “payment” sites

Contact your mobile carrier, banks and toll agencies, if you’re targeted

Set up fraud alerts by resetting passwords, enabling two-factor verification, and enabling two-factor authentication

Contact the provider directly instead of clicking on links in a message

Report scam messages and websites to law enforcement for investigation

This particular scam is no longer active, but it could be replaced by a new variation at any moment. Keep an eye out for texts that request payment or personal details. Verify violation notices by contacting the provider directly. To minimize the impact, act quickly if you have been targeted. By being alert and taking precautions, we can protect ourself.

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