Top 10 water purifiers to buy in India in 2022


Water purifiers are among the most essential appliances to have at home. This is especially true in India, where, tap water is not the safest. One can see how water from natural sources like rivers and lakes can get contaminated with human, plant, animal, and industrial waste. As a result, water purifiers become a must-have device to consume safe and drinkable water

Around the country, the local authorities like municipalities add chlorine or fluorine to the groundwater. This is done in order to get rid of viruses and bacteria. While the local authorities do their best, it is often not enough to get rid of all the harmful chemicals or contaminants in the water. So, it is better to get water purifiers for oneself. These days, they come with a combination of UV, UF filters, and RO (reverse osmosis). So, here is how to choose the best one amongst all the water purifiers available. Given below is a list of the top 10 water purifiers in India.

Kent Supreme Plus 2020 (11112)

It is almost impossible to go wrong with a Kent water purifier in India. The homegrown water purification brand has a wide range of product portfolios and KENT Supreme Plus 2020 (11112) is one of its best. It offers zero water wastage and is wall mountable.

It includes RO, UV, UF, and TDS control techniques. Since there are UV lamps in the tank, there is no risk of exposure in any way. It offers a tank capacity of 8 liters and a water purification capacity of 20 liters per hour.

The Kent Supreme Plus 2020 strikes a perfect balance between price and features. The water purifier is priced at Rs 20,500 and is available directly from Kent’s own website. However, you can get the appliance with a discount of Rs 4,950 on Amazon India.

Kent Supreme Plus 2020 (11112)

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HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral

The Pureit water purifier comes with the goodness of copper. We all know of the anti-bacterial properties that copper possesses. The best part is that the RO water purifier comes with a choice of offering water purified through RO or RO charged with copper purified water.

This water purifier has a unique one of its kind technology that adds an appropriate dosage of copper to your water. Copper is a highly essential mineral for your body. This device charges the water with 99.8% pure copper in every glass of water.

The device smartly senses the water quality and offers fresh copper infusion based on the mineral content of water. The purifier has an 8-liter tank capacity which makes it suitable for small to medium-sized households.

Copper is beneficial for our body in several ways. The right amount of copper in our body aids in digestion boosts immunity, fights obesity, and aids in overall health and well-being. Copper has immense anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, suitable for people with joint pains, infections, etc.

The purifier comes with a 7 stage water purification process. It has RO + UV + MF technology that ensures all-round cleaning of water. RO membrane removes the fine particles, dissolved salts and chemicals, and bacteria and viruses or cysts. The UV filter makes the water pathogen-free, and the MF filter eliminates finer particles like sand, gravel, silt, etc.

The purifier comes with an external sediment filter for installation. It works for water supplies with TDS up to 2000 ppm, making it very efficient in performance. It also has an intelligent control panel that allows one to switch between normal and copper-infused water. In addition, two indicators indicate water purification and when the tank is full.

The purifier has a very simplistic design with a sleek finish. However, it is rich in features and a must-have for households looking to boost their health with safe, quality water. Even consumers suggest it’s worth buying and is a great investment for one’s family and health.

HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral

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Aquaguard Ritz RO+ UV+ MTDS+ Alkaline water purifiers

Aquaguard Ritz RO+UV+MTDS+Alkaline Water Purifier is the newest entrant in the water purifier market and it comes loaded with features. It combines leading technologies with great aesthetics to deliver a product that will blend in most homes.

It relies on seven stages of water purification. This removes dust, suspended particles, reduces excess chlorine, retains natural minerals, and then adjusts the taste. It also reduces TDS and ensures that water remains pure and healthy for drinking.

Aquaguard Ritz RO+ UV+ MTDS+ Alkaline water purifiers

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AO Smith Z9 Green

One will definitely want this water purifier from A.O. Smith in their kitchen. It not only enhances the looks of the kitchen and workspace but is rich in purification features that make it worth the investment. In addition, it comes with a convenient wall-mountable and tabletop design. This allows one to save space and use it as per your comfort.

The smart panel and indicators glow in the night, making it easy to locate and use the water purifier even in the dark. The touch sensors are so sensitive and accurate that one can dispense water just at the touch of a button.

The water purifier dispenses both hot and normal temperature water, making it very convenient to use however one likes. The device has an 8 stage purification technology wherein the water passes through several filters before finally being dispensed as safe for use.

It has a pre and sediment filter that removes dust, gravel, sand, and silt from the water. The carbon block removes salts like chlorine and other dissolved chemicals.

It has a patented side stream RO membrane and mineralizer technology that adds the minerals to water lost during filtration. It improves the overall taste and quality of water while increasing the pH of water as well. The advanced recovery technology makes the water run twice through the filter and ensures minimal water wastage.

The purifier is also infused with silver-charged membrane technology, which aids in additional purification to remove microorganisms from the water. Double silver protection ensures purified and healthy water. The advanced alert technology lets one know in advance if the membranes need to be changed or serviced.

With an immense range of features packed in one purifier, this purifier is loved by all. It may seem a bit heavier on the pocket but is definitely worth the investment considering the convenience and purification it has to offer.

AO Smith Z9 Green

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Mi Smart water purifiers

Xiaomi needs no introduction in India. While the company is huge in the smartphone segment, it is making inroads into homes with its smart ecosystem. The Mi Smart Water Purifier is one of the first devices from the company under this initiative.

It supports a 5-steps Penta purification process and in-tank UV sterilization. There is a 7 liters tank capacity and filters can be replaced by the owner easily. The minimalist water purifier from Xiaomi supports real-time TDS monitoring and auto water level detector and can be controlled using a smart app.

Mi Smart water purifiers

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Kent Gold 20- liters

KENT Gold may not match the gold standard of water purification offered by other water purifiers in this list. However, it is worthy of consideration for those on a budget. It relies on purification by a hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane. It can be described as an entry-level product in the water purifier category.

This purifier is ideal for the purification of water from most sources but preferably those with low TDS. It has a transparent water tank made of ABS plastic and uses nano-silver carbon for better disinfection of water and lasts up to 4000 liters.

KENT Gold is undoubtedly the most affordable water purifier on this list but it reaches that price point by removing some essential features.

Kent Gold 20- liters

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Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Amaze RO+ UV+ MTDS 7 liters

Simple, efficient, and pocket-friendly, this Eureka Forbes Aquasure is suitable for any and every household. It has a 7-liter large tank capacity, making it a great choice for medium and small houses. The black shiny yet compact design is simple yet adds to the elegance of one’s kitchen.

It has an enhanced water-saving feature that allows one to save up to 60% of water upon purification. As a result, there is less water wasted which gives you a high quantity and quality of purified water.

The purifier has RO + UV + MTDS technology that allows one to adjust water quality and TDS levels. Depending on the household preferences and tastes, the MTDS controller is flexible and pretty adjustable.

One can either wall mount the purifier or place it on a tabletop based on their convenience. The smart LED panel allows you to keep track of the purification process at all times. The transparent storage tank helps one keep track of the water level in the purifier. He or she will need to fit an additional booster pump to filter the water through the RO membrane.

The RO membrane is pretty long-lasting and helps filter large water capacities, i.e. up to 6000 liters. It also has an energy-saving mode that helps improve electricity savings and is cost-efficient with less power wastage.

The inbuilt UV filter is also powerful and can kill up to 99.9% of viruses. The purifier is available in several variants and types based on the purification technology.

Consumers have faced issues pertaining to damaged delivery. But the purifier is well equipped and works great for a normal TDS range water supply. It can purify water having TDS up to 2000 ppm. So for a basic and pocket-friendly purchase that is cost-effective and offers an above-average filtration, we recommend one to try this one from the house of Eureka Forbes.

Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Amaze RO+ UV+ MTDS 7 liters

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Kent Grand- 8litres RO+ UV/UF+ TDS water purifiers

The KENT Grand Water purifier may seem to look very simple and ambient, yet the features and purification it offers are marvelous. Compared to the KENT Extra variant, this one has a sleek and compact finish. One can either wall mount it or place it on a tabletop at their convenience.

The water purifier comes with a high storage capacity of 8 liters, making it an excellent purchase for small households. It has a good filtration rate of 20 liters per hour, ensuring safe and ready to consume filtered water. The tank comes with a water level indicator that helps you keep track of the water level in the tank.

The KENT RO water purifier offers a superior patented Mineral RO technology that retains water quality while efficiently filtering the unrequired components. In addition, it has a low power consumption which makes it a cost-effective investment and helps you save on energy bills.

The water purifier offers a multi-stage filtration process with RO + UV + UF + TDS mineralizer that ensures the water is of the highest quality with no compromise on safety. RO membrane removes the toxic industrial wastes and chemicals in water; the inbuilt UV filter kills the microbial cells from water, the UF filter removes the sediments and larger dust particles from water.

The TDS mineralizer helps one adjust the quality and taste of water. It can work for any type of water supply, be it tank, boring or municipal water. The patented purification technology that the device has removes bacteria, algae, and tiniest virus cells that are dissolved in water while retaining all the required minerals.

Kent Grand- 8litres RO+ UV/UF+ TDS water purifier

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Aquaguard Aura 7L RO+UV e-boiling

Magnificent looks and active copper-infused and mineral guard technology, this water purifier from the house of Aquaguard has all that a water purifier should have. It has been designed very articulately with breathtaking aesthetics that blends in perfectly with one’s kitchen and home.

The water purifier has an 8 stage purification technology that eliminates everything unnecessary in the water. The Aquaguard Aura water purifier makes water as pure as it has been boiled from viruses, bacteria, harmful chemicals, and even dissolved salts.

It has a sediment and pre-carbon filter that removes most of the dust particles and dissolved salts. The RO membrane removes the waste chemicals and heavy metals dissolved in water. It can remove life-threatening contaminants like lead, mercury, etc., found in industrial wastewater sources.

Aquaguard has its own patented active copper technology that infuses additional copper into the water. As we all know, Copper offers several health benefits, like improved immunity and reduced inflammation, etc. It also has a mineral guard technology that retains the essential minerals in water like Calcium, Magnesium, etc.

The UV filtration technology infused in this purifier is equivalent to purification obtained from boiling water for 20 minutes. It also has a taste adjust that maintains the adequate TDS level of water and enhances the quality of any type of water supply.

This purifier makes the water taste sweet irrespective of its source. It has a 20-liter storage tank which is more than sufficient for large families. It saves up to 60% of water and minimizes water wastage during filtration or purification.

This feature-rich purifier has received several positive consumer feedback. The water purifier may require frequent filter changes based on the water quality, but all in all, the performance is excellent.

Aquaguard Aura 7L RO+UV e-boiling

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Havells max Alkaline 7 litres RO+ UV water purifiers

The Havells Max Alkaline water purifier is power-packed with features that ensure the best quality water. It makes sure to maintain the optimum pH of water which is considered healthy for the body.

The Havells water purifier offers maximum performance and convenience all in one device. The purifier has a 100% RO and UV purification system. The purifier’s design is exceptionally stylish and has a digital interface that blends well with any modern kitchen.

It has a transparent water tank which allows one to keep track of the water level in the device. The 3-way mounting system allows them to fit the tank in any direction based on their convenience. The water tank has a cover and is also removable to clean it separately which is not possible in most other water purifiers.

The water purifier from Havells offers double RO and UV purification that promises safe drinking water being dispensed at all times. The Zero Splash faucet design is such that there is no wastage of water. The system has intelligent digital indicators that make it easy to operate the purifier while also adding to the device’s looks.

Havells water purifier has a 7 liters tank capacity and offers a 7 stage purification process. The RO and UV filters together help eliminate viruses, bacteria, and harmful chemicals from the water supply. It also has a revitalizer technology that enhances the water quality and improves its mineral absorption capacity.

The alkaline water technology boosts the pH level of water and adds essential minerals that get removed in the purification process. This technology also reduces water’s Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) and makes it a good antioxidant free of toxic radicals.

The alkaline water is a lot healthier and tastier for the body because it aids in digestion, improves your immunity, fulfills the mineral requirements of water, and has anti-aging properties.

The device has an electrical protection system that keeps one safe from shock and other accidental hazards. It has a wall mounting type design and fits into any corner and shape of the wall. The machine has a free installation and 1-year service wherein one gets 2 maintenance services and can replace the mineral cartridge under the maintenance.

Havells Max Alkaline 7 liters RO+ UV water purifier

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