Serving Malicious Ads According To Valorant Players – Is Safe?

Subhan N gives users access to an array of stats such as the history of matches, choice rate, percentage of weapon use and more. However there have been some complaints from users who voiced concerns regarding the site’s security and claim that it is awash with fraudulent advertisements that could result in scams.

Online gaming has been on the rise in recent years, with games that are competitive such as Valorant increasing in popularity among gamers.

Since the emergence of games like these has seen players attracted to websites from third parties that offer specific statistics on their game performance.

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Although many users have reported encountering harmful ads on Tracker website one user decided to determine if the website was actually serving these advertisements.

The site was tested by the user using Firefox, Chrome, and Edge in both in normal mode, and with or without ads blockers. They also tried the site using an emulator that was running Windows 11 Sandbox.

After a series of checks, the customer realized that they did not see any malware-related ads on They believed that the ads the users were seeing may be caused by malware or adware on their computer instead of on the site itself.

Is Safe?

Reddit user ThrowRA2468 raised concerns about’s security, saying that it permits malicious advertisements on its website. This article posted on the official Valorant subreddit has gotten more than 1.2k likes, with a lot of users sharing their stories of being a victim of malicious ads using

For many people, this poses the question: is secure? The answer is no since a lot of users have reported receiving untrue advertisements while using the website.


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Overwolf Vs

One reason that’s led to people suspicious about is the fact that its stats software is based on Overwolf which is an application which has been linked to illegal methods in the gaming world. Certain users have branded Overwolf players “cheaters.”

Overwolf is an app from a third party which provides players with a range of game-specific features, including overlays in game and other stats. Overwolf is well-known for its ability to collect information about users that has led to privacy concerns among players.

Additionally, Overwolf has been associated with a variety of criminal actions in recent times leading to its infamous reputation among gamers.

Why Malicious Ads are a Concern

Ads that are malicious are not new to the internet and the majority of internet users can quickly spot these. But the problem with adware on sites such as is that they can be dangerous to youngsters that may not have sufficient knowledge of the web.

These advertisements can cause phishing attempts that can lead to phishing attacks, in which users are fooled into sharing personal details or downloading dangerous software. These ads can also be utilized to spread malware which can cause major harm to the computer of a user or even compromise their personal information.

Conclusion is a popular site for Valorous players, offering players with important statistics they are unable to access via the game’s client. However, there have been concerns voiced about the safety of the website as many users have reported having to deal with malicious advertisements while playing on it.

Despite these concerns, a user has checked the site and discovered no evidence that it was serving ads that are malicious. The site is probable that some of the advertisements that users have seen may have been triggered by malware or adware on their computer.

However users should be cautious when browsing third-party websites and take any necessary precautions for example, making use of an ad blocker or making sure their antivirus software is updated and date.


What is is a website that allows you to keep track of your game statistics and your progress through several games. It has a dashboard that you can view your game details, like your win/loss ratio and kills/deaths ratio, as well as other pertinent indicators.

Which games are that are supported by offers a variety of games that are popular, such as Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant, and many more. You can visit the website to view the complete list of games supported by the.

Is available for free?

Absolutely, is free to use. You can register an account and begin tracking your progress and gaming statistics without having to pay anything.

Can I keep track of my friends’ statistics through

Yes you can keep track of your friends’ data on If the profile pages are public. You can look up the usernames of your friends and then add them to your list of friends. Once you’ve added them to your list to your friends list, you can check their gaming stats and progress along with your own.

How reliable is the information available that are available on

The information that is available on is generally accurate, however, there may be occasional discrepancies due to various causes like server issues, game updates or API limitations. But, strives to provide the most current and accurate data that it can.

Are there any premium features on offer any premium features?

Sure, offers premium features including advanced filtering, a detailed match history, and live tracking. These features are accessible through a subscription-based model that offers extra benefits to users who are looking for more advanced tracking capabilities.

Is Safe?

According to user feedback According to user reports, there are concerns regarding the security of because of the possibility of encountering fraudulent ads that may lead to scams or even compromise user information. However, a test by a user did not reveal any evidence that the website was serving these advertisements. Like any other third-party website be aware of the risks should be taken and the necessary measures taken to safeguard information and privacy.

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