Choosing the Right Size and Location of a Trade Show Display in Las Vegas for Maximum ROI

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When it comes to trade show displays in Las Vegas, choosing the right size and location of an exhibition booth rental is crucial for businesses. The goal of any trade show is to attract potential customers and generate leads, and having a well-placed and appropriately sized booth is one way to achieve that.

Determine Your Objectives

Before selecting a booth size and location, businesses must first consider their objectives for participating in a trade show. Is the goal to increase brand awareness, generate leads, or launch a new product? Understanding the objective will help determine the size and location of the booth needed to achieve that goal.

Research the Event Layout

Once the objective is clear, businesses should research the event layout to determine the best location for their booth. They should review the event map and identify high-traffic areas. Researching the location of competitors’ booths is also helpful in choosing the best spot. Generally, businesses should aim to be in a visible area such as near the entrance, main aisle, or near high-traffic exhibitors.

Choose the Right Size

After determining the location, choosing the right booth size is the next important step. Businesses should measure their exhibit materials, furniture, promotional materials, and any other necessary equipment to determine the appropriate size of the booth. It is important to remember that the size of the booth directly affects the cost, so businesses should consider their budget when selecting booth size.

Consider Height and Visibility

In addition to booth size and location, businesses should also consider the height and visibility of their trade show display. Exhibitors at Las Vegas trade shows are known for their elaborate, tall displays, and businesses that want to make an impression must consider this. When renting an exhibition booth, businesses must check the event organizer’s rules and regulations pertaining to booth heights to ensure compliance. However, businesses should aim for a display that will attract attention and stand out among competitors.

Maximize ROI with Interactive Elements

Finally, to maximize ROI, businesses should aim to create interactive elements to engage visitors. This can include giving hands-on demonstrations, offering free product samples or promotional materials, and hosting contests or games. Businesses should also consider using digital platforms like tablets or touchscreens to showcase company videos or products.


Selecting the right size and location of a trade show display in Las Vegas is essential for achieving maximum ROI. Though according to many reviews aplusexp las vegas show isn’t worth it at all, people did not show interest to attend this show. Businesses must consider their objectives, research the event layout, choose the appropriate size, consider height and visibility, and add interactive elements to engage visitors, businesses can maximize their investment in trade show displays and achieve success in other Las Vegas trade shows, which can be easily found here.

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