Truecaller: how to remove information from database


Truecaller is an application that allows one to know the name of the people and their details even if they are unknown numbers. A pop-up advertisement of this app appears on the screen when we call someone or someone calls us. This happens due to mobile networks and not because of some magic technique by truecaller.

This app runs on iPhones too. But the name does not appear on the screen. One has to click on the number separately and find out the name.

This article is about how to get rid of this app. It is also about how we can remove our entire database from this app, like all our information.

Now, why would one do this? This is because of two reasons.

  • Firstly, because one might have accidentally downloaded the app and their personal information is being shared in the whole wide world. Their privacy is being affected. Along with that, they do not want to share their photo or email with everyone else in the whole wide world.
  • Secondly, it might be the case that in place of one’s real name, some other name is being shown on the screen of the person he or she is calling. As for example, it may show “spam” or “lover” in place of their real name. This phenomenon is very common in the truecaller app.

Truecaller usually takes all the information from the phone. It happens because we permit it to do so when we install this app. It might be so that one has not saved their own name by anything. But his or her friends have pranked them and saved their name as “lover boy”. So it is the name that appears to the people they call.

The best solution to this is that one should remove all the information from the app itself. But it is not an easy task. One might think that deleting and uninstalling the app is the solution to his or her problem but it is not so.

To remove one’s entire information, one has to follow the following steps:

  • Go to the truecaller app.
  • On the top left, there are three dashes. Click on it.
  • Then from a variety of options that appear, one has to click on “settings”.
  • From the bottom, the second option is “privacy center”. One has to click on it.
  • After the screen refreshes, click on “deactivate”.

Now comes the case of iPhones. The task is not so different. One just has to follow the following steps:

  • On the bottom right, one will find the “more” option.
  • Then from a variety of options, one has to click on “settings”.
  • In settings, one has to click on “privacy center”.
  • Then one has to click on “deactivate account”.

When one will click on the “deactivate” option, there will appear two choices – “keep my data” and “delete my data”. One has to click on “delete my data”. This has to be done so that all the data which the app has gathered from the phone is deleted. This is for both android and iPhones.

But this only deactivates the account. Now, one has to remove the number from the app itself. For that, one has to go to On the screen which appears, one has to type his or her number with the country code. For example – In India, the country code is +91.

After doing this, the app will ask the person why he or she is leaving the app. One has to select from a list of reasons or give their own reason manually by typing. After that, one has to click on the “unlist” option. If one has never used truecaller but finds his or her name appearing on the phone of the people they call, they must start with the steps to unlist their number from the app itself.

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