Ulonet Reviews:{April 2022} Is It A Legit Site Or Scam?


We’ve talked about Ulonet’s tool and accessories site, which sells tools and accessories. We have also discussed the site’s extensive Ulonet Reviews. Are you searching for an online store that allows you to purchase accessories and power tools online?

Several websites within the United States offer a vast assortment of accessories and tools. Before purchasing a product, we advise that customers become familiar with the information on the website.

Therefore, we’ll look into Ulonet’s website to verify its authenticity. Ulonet’s website confirms if it’s genuine and provides comprehensive Ulonet Reviews to our customers. Before going to Ulonet’s shop to purchase tools, we strongly recommend you read the review.

Brief on Ulonet

The store online offers customers an all-in-one-shop solution for reliable, efficient, and reliable electronic tools and other accessories. They offer a wide assortment, and the store also assures customers will locate the item they are seeking on the web.

The next step is to look at the other aspects of the website to decide whether Ulonet is Legit. Other areas that must be discussed to understand the Ulonet website better are the features, legitimacy information, high-quality highlights, and technical details, including negative highlights and customer reviews.

Features of Ulonet

We’ll look at the Ulonet website’s functions, contact information, and different policies.

Buy items at: https://ulonet.com/

E-mail address: [email protected]

Phone Number:+19188183417

Address: 1415 NW, 80th Avenue, #15H, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, Florida, USA, Zip Code – 33063

Owner’s information: Not Provided.

Social media hyperlinks: The Ulonet site is associated with four main social media profiles Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. This information will be required when evaluating Ulonet’s authenticity. Legit.

Shipping PolicyUlonet gives free shipping for orders of more than $100. It will charge a shipping cost for purchases over $100.

Privacy Policy and Terms: Present.

Shipping: The tool & accessories store will ship orders to the US within 14 business days and the UK and Canada in 3 to 4 weeks.

Products Tracking: Customers can track the order.

Returns and cancellations: Customers get a 30 days return on all purchases. The refund policy is also in place.

The policy for refunds: Refunds for all transactions on the site will be made after 48 hours.

Payment mode Major payment methods, such as Visa, Maestro, Discovery, PayPal, American Express, and Mastercard accepted.

Ulonet Reviews on Positive Highlights

A 30-day return backs the site.

Accepts all primary payment methods.

Negative highlights

Shipping fees are charged on orders under $100.

Is Ulonet Scam or Legit?

The Domain, The Ulonet website, was created on September 18, 2021.

Site Age It has been online for just the past 7 months and has been online for just 12 days. In the end, the site is relatively young and has a limited duration of the domain.

Website Expiry Date: The website domain Ulonet will expire on September 18, 2022.

Trustworthiness: The tool’s website has a credit score that’s relatively extremely low, and it also has an overall Alexa score of 394242. For Ulonet Review, the information provided is considered a key decision factor.

Origin of the country: The online tool merchant is based in the US, according to the address listed on their official site.

DNS Blacklist Status No blacklist is available on this site.

Data Security: The Ulonet website is secured with HTTPS, a secure HTTPS protocol.

Proximity to Suspicious Websites: 7/100.

Threat Profile:62/100.

Phishing Score: 62/100.

Malware Score: 43/100.

Spam Score: 20/100.

Social Relationships: The Ulonet site has a solid online presence on social networks. It has more than 10k fans on Facebook and over 29k on Instagram, and the website remains active across all of its social platforms.

Customer Reviews

There are a lot of Ulonet review sites online. There are primarily positive customer reviews about Ulonet on sites that review customer reviews. However, there are negative reviews, including one about credit card issues.

Our Opinion

Ulonet is a new website with a poor score. However, the site has a high social media engagement and excellent customer reviews on the internet. Therefore, we recommend reviewing reviews and doing your research before purchasing.

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