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If you are a person who loves online shopping and goes to any new website, then this article is for you. In this article, we will talk about the fact of the website is real or fake. This question arose when people wrote on the internet that this website was not taking any orders. Neither were the people receiving the orders they had placed.

Is website fake?

According to, the website is fake. This is because the trust score of this website is very low. A computer program determined the review of There 0 is very unreliable and the program considers 100 safe to use. Their algorithm determines the trust score based on 40 different data points it collects. Examples are the location of the server, compared to the location of the company, rating, and reviews that people posted on Safe. Shop and other review sites, etc.

Positive highlights of website

There are only three positive highlights of this website. This is when people compared it to the long list of negative highlights. These are according to According to them, the positive highlights of the website are that they have found out a valid SSL certificate. Along with that, Trend Micro trusts this website, and the program also detected online shopping features.

Negative highlights of this website

However, there is a long list of negative highlights. They are as follows:

  • The identity of the owner of the website is hidden on WHOIS.
  • The age of this site is (very) young.
  • The Alexa rank (how much traffic) is rather low.
  • We did not find a lot of websites linking to this site.
  • Negative reviews were detected for this website.
  • This website is not optimized for search engines.

Points to determine that this website is fake

  1. This website is fake. The first point which arises in this context is that the mobile number given on the website is wrong. The mobile number is 7428731249. We also tried contacting the website on this number. But it says that the number is wrong or unreachable.
  2. The second point is that in the “About Us” section of the website, it is written that the company is a year old. But in reality, it has been found out that the website is only two months old.
  3. The third point is that in the “Return and Refund” section of the website, it is written that they accept Cash on Delivery (COD). But when the website was checked, we found out that there is no option of COD or even online payment.
  4. The fourth point is that the prices of the products given on the website are too good to be true. The products which are priced at thousands of rupees in the market are available at only Rs. 149 or Rs. 189. This very reason is enough to make a customer assume that the website is fake.
  5. The fifth point is that we checked if the website is optimized for search engines like Google and Bing. This does not seem to be the case. Several items are missing, which most websites implement to make sure they can be found by search engines. We consider this suspicious. Why would a website not want to be found via search engines? This is usually the case if they do not want to be found by police authorities or brand protection agencies.
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How is website earning if it is fake?

Now comes the most important question. If the website is fake, how are they earning? The answer is quite simple and unique. This website earns through Google ads. This website posts ads of itself on Google. People who get attracted by their ads and offers click on the ads quite a few times. This results in them are earning points from Google, which can be converted to cash.

Frequently asked questions about this website

Is website fake?

Yes, this website is not exactly a scam. But it is definitely a fake website.

Has this website been proven fake?

If you read the above article, you will find all the points which prove that this website is fake.

Is website safe?

No, is not safe at all. It is totally fake website.

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  1. I didn’t know about that and I’ve order one dress of only 189 rupees and then the very next day I found the same dress on another app of worth 1665 rupees now what should I do is there any chance of getting into a trouble …


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