Wersix.com Reviews 2023: Scam Crypto Investment Platform

Subhan N

Have you heard about Wersix Crypto? Are you getting contacted by people on Discord saying it was a contest winner? Are you curious to find out whether it’s a scam or genuine? Check out this review to learn more about Wersix.

What is Wersix?

Wersix is located on Wersix.com is a fraudulent site that claims to offer trading in Crypto. It claims it was designed for those who were interested in cryptocurrency markets but who had no knowledge of trading or about how cryptocurrency works.

According to the website, it promises safe storage to store digital assets through a combination of cold wallets and Multi-party compute (MPC) technology. It is also claiming to use most advanced technology to ensure that funds are safe and secure. It also claims to stay clear of exploitative vulnerabilities and attempts.

The application claims to be designed around a well-tested formula for trading success and all you have to do to start making money is to deposit money and then enable it.

But this is fraudulent, it will transfer a bit of bitcoin to your wallet making use of a referral code in their exchange, however for withdrawal of any bitcoin you need for a 0.015btc minimum. This is clearly a scam.

The perpetrators behind these scams just keep launching fresh “systems” as well as “apps” with new names such as Dotxbep, Dotxswap an attempt to get around the bad reviews so they can continue to trick people into signing up.

The fact is there is no doubt that Wersix is a scam since numerous people have posted negative reviews on the internet, calling Wersix what it really is: a SCAM.

A few investors made this declare:

So far, scam .. They had I make a deposit of .007 BTC to verify my account before I could withdraw, and immediately afterward, they informed me that I must make a deposit of .06 BTC to go up to premium before I can withdraw. I thought they were dumb and in the end they took my money for 190 dollars .. I was trying to withdraw the 10,000 BTC that I obtained from them. They’re on TikTok they created it to look like Elon Musk was distributing .04 bitcoins for a week, as if it was his new platform. It’s all hype.


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4 Reasons Why Should Avoid Wersix.com

The website isn’t governed by any regulatory body, so the owners behind it are able to part of your money at any time.

They pay high commissions and fees.

There’s insufficient information on the site.

When it’s time to withdraw the money, there are so many reasons and in the end you can’t withdraw your money and you risk losing your cash.

How The Wersix.com Scam Works:

In the beginning, they will entice you false promises of high return and minimal risks.

Then, you will be required to give your financial and personal information as well as your name.

Then, you are requested to deposit a certain amount (usually $250) before you can begin trading.

When the time comes to withdraw your funds they have a myriad of excuses. Often, you’re required to pay a tax that is much higher than the initial deposit. When you pay not take your money out, and you’ve been taken advantage of.


Based on the information above it is evident the fact that Wersix Trading is a scam as was Dotxbep which we previously discussed Investors should be wary of these sites since they are designed to make money investors who aren’t aware.

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