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What is zero thought?

The ‘zero thought’ is a state of mind where negative elements like hatred, fear, doubt, ego, guilt, shame, judgment, and so on don’t exist. It is a state of mind, which emits pure positive energy at a high frequency, that is, joy and love. This state of mind has only intentions but no desires (desire reflects a lack of what we want).

It can be said that a person whose mind is in zero thought emits extremely positive traits like compassion, love, joy, confidence, and charisma. Such a person is usually extremely magnetic and attracts more positivity perpetually. This is extremely critical for living a fulfilling life, one full of success, joy, and love.

How can zero thought be achieved?

There are four things that help one achieve the ‘zero thought’ state of mind. They are:

  • Abhyanga – Massaging oneself with warm oil, decided based on the body type.
  • Pranayama – An exercise to gain control of breathing (prana) and to slow it down. This has a direct connection with the mind.
  • Meditation – One can refer to the many techniques available. The simplest one is to close the eyes and concentrate on their breathing for as long as they are comfortable.
  • A well-designed breakfast – One that activates the six different tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent). The quantity of food should always be limited to two fists.

How does zero thought work with the law of attraction?

Since the zero thought state of mind is unaffected by the ego’s fear then all you are left with is being one with one’s desires and the energy of all creation. The zero thought is behind the ego and is connected to the formless current that is within all life and all creation.

When we tap into this state of mind when working with the law of attraction then one releases all the ways in which he or she is blocking receiving what they desire. The zero thought is the baseline where all creation begins. It is unmanifested and this essence lies within the form of the manifested as well. This concept is also explained within what Deepak Chopra calls the law of pure potentiality.

What miracles can it do?

During research conducted at the University of California, some monks were said to sit in a room with 4 degrees Celcius temp. and were covered with wet clothes to increase the extremity of that room. Not what the monks did was something unusual.

They just closed their eyes and went to a zero thought state where their brain was releasing gamma waves. They went into zero thought, then the researchers increased the temperature of that room to 56 degrees, but still, those monks haven’t even moved a bit.

Until the monks were uproch physically, they weren’t moving at all, scientists thought they were dead, but when they opened their eyes, they were back to normal.

What does this show?

It shows that when one’s mind operates in a gamma waves state, it doesn’t matter how to environment around them is. They can focus on their studies even in a super noisy environment. They can even exercise even in extreme cold or heat.

Basically, all their distractions will become non-existent. Achieving zero thought state can be a bit difficult if one is suffering from anxiety, but it can be achieved. 

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