+1 469-982-5012 / (469) 982-5012 / +14699825012 / 14699825012

Subhan N

This number 14699825012 is from – Texas (United States), people flagged this number as – Suspicious, numbers read more below

One of the internet users shared – “18136482009 Deposited a new message: “go ahead. Talking about the past to have a boyfriend boyfriend. Okay. Okay man. Yeah, thanks, mm. What? Okay. So uh anyway, it’s gonna, because it’s stepping on the ground all the time. And that’s what I’m saying is the antibiotics aren’t gonna help it because of the foreign body. Nobody has to be removed physically before the body. Antibiotics. Because it’s just like, if we have like an infection ourselves, we have to remove the items that’s causing the infection before the antibiotics. Well, no problem.”

Here is the number –
+1 469-982-5012 / (469) 982-5012 / +14699825012 / 14699825012

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