3rd Wave Can be Dangerous if Vaccination Drive Doesn’t Speed Up

Rajasree Roy

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The report says 3rd covid surge is approaching in India in October. as compared to the US, a report by the National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM) said, India’s vaccination pace is very slow. At this rate, the report estimated, quoting studies by various institutes, daily new case numbers could cross 6 lakh per day in case of a third wave. NIDM shared this report on their website earlier this month.

They have also warned of an imminent third wave of covid sought better medical preparedness for children who might be at similar risk as adults. Recently, Bengaluru reported that 300 kids are affected by Covid. 

Covid 3rd Wave Precaution:

Health Ministry of Government claimed that India’s vaccination drive rate is the highest. But NIDM stated that covid vaccination drive needs to pick up its pace for covid 3rd wave. It’s being slow. State governments are now releasing orders for vaccines for above 12 years old kids. 

NIDM said to be prepared with the pediatric department as those children are the future of the Nation. The nation failed to protect many people in the second wave surge, so the government doesn’t want to fail again. 
Specialists have communicated worry about 82% deficiency of pediatricians in essential wellbeing habitats. And 63% opportunities in local area wellbeing focus (the information referred to from a parliamentary standing panel).

Speed up the pace:

The emergence of a third wave could be significantly challenged by expanding vaccination but if only around 7.6 percent (10.4 crores) are fully vaccinated. 

Pandit Deendayal Energy University (PDEU) in a joint effort with Nirma University did research on covid vaccination drive. As indicated by this recent study done by educators and graduated class, the immunization pace of India is right now 3.2 percent. If this doesn’t improve, India can observe 6 lakh cases each day in the following third covid wave. 

In this case, if Government can speed up this percentage to 5 times (1 crore per day), then India will only see 25% of cases of the second wave. This can be at the peak of 3rd wave. 

This study also expresses concern about the lower vaccination coverage among women in the country as compared to men and urges states to work on closing the gender gap.

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