BYJU’s is scamming parents and students alike


BYJU’s is a platform that offers education at a price. It holds online classes and not in offline mode. It tricks parents into believing that their child is weak at something especially a subject and they need assistance.

For example, let us take a child called Priya. Priya is in the 11th standard. Suddenly, someone calls up her parents. He or she asks them, “Hi ma’am/sir. What does your child want to become in the future?” The parents answer, “She wants to become a doctor.”

The caller gives a mild laugh and says, “What? A doctor? Have you seen her marks in the 11th finals? With those marks, it is difficult to crack her 12th finals, let alone her NEET entrance.” The parents sound desperate. They say, “So what do we do? We want her to achieve her dreams.”

The caller takes this opportunity and says, “No problem ma’am or sir. We will help her achieve her dream. She just needs to get registered at our site. We will provide her with the best online classes. She will be tutored by the best teachers available.”

The parents cannot resist this offer and ask, “So what do we have to do?” This gives the caller the chance he or she has been looking for. They promote their product. This is an example of how the reputed and so-called best education startup BYJU’s scams.

Then comes their second scam. If a parent is not convinced by their offer, they say, “Sir or madam, we are offering a 15-days free trial period. In this period, the student, that is, your child can take classes from the top and reputed teachers for free without paying any money for 15 days. After that, you decide whether he or she needs the classes or not.”

The parents agree. They download the BYJU’s application on their phones or laptops or computers. Then they persuade their children to study and gain knowledge from the classes. What they do not know is that, during the 15-day free trial, BYJU’s is keeping a sharp eye on the students.

They make a profile which records their likes and dislikes, which subject they study more, which teacher they appreciate, etc. They also offer free quizzes and tests to know what are areas and which subjects the student is weak at.

After the trial period is over, they once again call the parents. Then they use their fear as a strategy to convince them. They look at the record and say which are the areas the students are weak at, where they need improvement, and also add that if not improved instantly, they will fail their tests and exams.

They also say that the students might have a bleak future if their knowledge is not improved. Thus, the parents get scared and agree to become a member of BYJU’s online classes.

Then comes the last scam. Suppose a parent has agreed to buy the package for a year. But they lack the money or cannot give the entire amount at one go.

In such cases, BYJU’s offers the EMI system. They say that the parents can give the fees on a monthly basis. What the parents do not know is that BYJU’s has tie-ups with various NDFC banks.

When a parent agrees to the EMI method, BYJU’s take a loan from their tie-up banks in the name of the parents. They take the entire money as their course fees. This leaves the burden of the loan on the shoulder of the parents which is unknown to them.

Therefore, if the parent misses the date to submit the EMI they think they are giving to BYJU’s, the banks start pestering them with phone calls and text messages. They behave very roughly leaving the parents baffled and harassed.

Thus, we can say that BYJU’s is looting the parents in the name of education and it is a huge scam.

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