Deepak Chaurasia suspended from work


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The drunken reporter Deepak Chaurasia was suspended from work. He worked in the News Nation Show ‘Desh ki Bahes’. Actually, he went to a wedding party just before hosting the show.

At the wedding, he drank too much and did not find it necessary to return to his normal self before hosting the show. Yesterday, the entire state of India was a witness to what happens in such a situation.

There were many questions which the citizens of India raised. They were: Did the channel suspend Deepak Chaurasia from work? Did they remove him from the channel? Did they snatch Prime Time Show away from him?

Deepak Chaurasia faced heavy consequences for his ill act of drinking before hosting a show. He also insulted Bipin Rawat by mispronouncing his name on the show while conveying condolences.

Social media already started trolling him the instant this shameful incident occurred. After yesterday, Pinaj Tyagi started hosting the show. She was a replacement for Deepak Chaurasia. It is she who will be hosting this show in the future. This is because of the fact that the channel has suspended Mr. Chaurasia for a week.

Some of the senior editors at News Nation also said that they requested Deepak to ask for forgiveness because of his shameful act. But the most interesting thing is that no media person from the channel has given any statement on this issue. They are keeping their mouth shut. But no one knows why. The reason still remains a mystery to everyone.

Anjana Kashyap, Sudhir Chowdhury, Aman Chopra, Sushant Sinha are eminent personalities in the world of media. All of them were thoroughly against the fact that Mr. Chaurasia was in a drunken state when he was paying condolences to Bipin Rawat. They hated the fact that he sometimes called Bipin Rawat a journalist and sometimes mispronounced his name as V P Singh.

But the channel seemed to have their mouths sealed. They are keeping their mouths shut tight without any comment on the issue. However, Ravish Kumar wrote an entire story on the incident. He titled his article “Be aware: The anchor is drunk.”

In his article, he wrote that the anchor has lost his wits because he was busy covering up the lies and hatred with the label of truth. His throat has become dry. It seemed as if the anchor was lost in his thoughts about the afternoon from noon itself. He was always mumbling be it in a drunken state or not.

When he labeled poor and innocent farmers as terrorists, people should understand that he has drunk. Just imagine what happens to the face of the media when an anchor hosts a show after returning in a drunken state from a wedding.

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