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Karnataka HC to block 1st episode on request of petitioner

The High Court of Karnataka has directed Netflix Entertainment Services India LLP. To block the streaming, telecasting, broadcasting, or otherwise making available the first episode. This was done at the request of a petitioner. This is the first episode namely “A Murdered Mother” of the documentary series “Crime Stories: India Detectives” on the platform of

Raid on Sonu Sood’s House: Netizens made #IstandwithSonuSood trending

The Income Tax officials raided Sonu Sood’s house yesterday. Still, now they are investigating Sonu Sood’s income tax files and information. Today also, They have continued the operation at Sonu Sood’s residence.Today is the second day. Netizens on Social media like Facebook, Twitter got furious and they made a hashtag trending saying that #IstandwithSonuSood. Fans