Cloudways cloud hosting: the best cloud hosting platform?


Cloudways cloud hosting is a very original type of web hosting company when compared to other popular brands in the industry. They’ve made their name by making cloud servers easier to handle. This is if one especially wants to take advanced of highly performant setups provided by some of the cloud hosting giants.

What is the concept of Cloudways cloud hosting

Cloudways call themselves a “Managed Cloud Hosting Platform.” The concept is actually very straightforward. They let one pick a web server space powered by some of the industry’s giants. Then they manage that server space for them. Therefore, the first original detail about Cloudways’ offering is that they don’t actually host their own servers. Instead, they work with companies like DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon (AWS), and Google (Google Cloud). In this way, they only put their software layer on top of those hosts’ platforms.

In other words, when one gets a server through Cloudways, they are not actually getting it from Cloudways. Instead, the server is supplied by a third-party company. Cloudways only makes it easy for one to work with that server. What’s really appealing about Cloudways plans is how scalable they are. This means that basically anyone can find a setup that fits their budget – as long as their budget is more than $10/mo.

Companies that Cloudways supports as their cloud hosting providers

  1. DigitalOcean
  2. Linode
  3. Vultr
  4. Amazon AWS
  5. Google Cloud

Affordability of the Cloudways cloud hosting providers

DigitalOcean is the most affordable option. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s in any way inferior to the other hosts available. In fact, DigitalOcean has had a reputation as a reliable cloud computing firm for years. The only downside is that they have relatively fewer data center locations. The number is eight as compared to the other providers available through Cloudways. Companies like Linode and Vultr have very similar pricing to DigitalOcean. They will also provide one with a probably very similar overall experience.

On the far end of the pricing spectrum is AWS and Google Cloud. For sure, the one thing one can count on when working with either of these hosts is that they will not go down no matter what is thrown at them. Those servers can withstand anything, and the price reflects that. Chances are that one will not need either AWS or Google Cloud if they are just looking for a reliable place to host the average WordPress site.

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Features of Cloudways

The specific features that one gets if they use Cloudways are:

  1. 24/7/365 customer support
  2. No lock-in – no contracts that would force you to stay with your cloud provider long term
  3. Free SSL certificates
  4. CDN add-on
  5. Free website migration
  6. Unlimited application installations
  7. Dedicated firewalls
  8. 24/7 real-time monitoring
  9. Automated backups
  10. Staging environments
  11. Advanced caching
  12. Auto healing features
  13. Regular security patches
  14. SSH and SFTP access

Pros of Cloudways cloud hosting

Some of the pros of Cloudways are:

  • The prices are low for the performance one gets.
  • One can host their site with some of the leading cloud hosting providers in the industry.
  • As a result of the former, they get exceptional scalability of their servers.
  • The customer support is great, and there are plenty of upgrade options available for more demanding setups.
  • One can run unlimited websites on all setups.
  • If one wants to run their site on WordPress, they can get it installed during signup. So there is no need to do it on their own.
  • There’s easy site migration if one is coming from another host.
  • One gets automatic backups and other security features built-in from the start.

Cons of Cloudways

However, there are some cons of Cloudways too. They are:

  • One has to get their own domain name. Many cheap, entry-level hosts will give one a free domain for the first year.
  • Email hosting is paid extra.
  • The dashboard is not that beginner-friendly. Granted, most website owners will not need to enter the dashboard on a daily basis, or ever.

Why should one use Cloudways cloud hosting?

Cloudways takes the hosting setups offered by cloud hosting giants (such as Amazon or Google) and adds another layer of software and customer service on top of them. Basically, they make cloud hosting more user-friendly – even for beginner users. It has its price tag which is roughly double the cost of working with cloud hosting providers directly, but it’s still much cheaper than what the average WordPress hosting company offers.

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