How do you defeat Colgera Boss in Zelda The Tears of the Kingdom

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You must beat Colgera on the game Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to unlock this quest. Wind Temple in the regional Phenomena main quest in close proximity to Rito Village.

After you have completed all the Wind Temple puzzles in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and get access to the hatch below, you will see that Colgera is able to emerge out of the hatch once activating the green circle that is located near it.

Make sure you have plenty of arrows, and a handful of meals to ensure your health is maintained prior to touching the green circle if are looking to conquer Colgera, the Wind Temple boss. For more information we’ve provided a detailed guide on how to defeat the boss from Colgera within Tears of the Kingdom below.


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How do you defeat Colgera Boss in Zelda tears of the Kingdom

The Wind Temple boss in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is Colgera A massive flying creature that throws the icebergs and summons tornadoes in three phases.

Here’s how to defeat The Wind Temple Boss Colgera in the 3 phases of this battle:


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Colgera Wind Temple boss – Phase 1

Nintendo trademarks the Link’s Tears of the Kingdom abilities and an image of the loading screen

Nintendo trademarks the Link’s Tears of the Kingdom abilities as well as the loading screen

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The goal for you in each phase of Colgera’s boss fight is to Colgera boss battle is to utilize the massive wind current to manage Link’s height. You must also get close to the weak ice points that you can eliminate by reducing time by bowing, and then shooting as many arrows as you can.

In the initial phase, Colgera’s weak spot in ice is exposed only when it begins to shoot huge icicles towards Link. Therefore, when the boss starts to shoot icicles, move and slide over to the weak spot, before it’s covered once more.

You could actually get into the weak point to cause damage in the first phase instead of arrows but it’s more secure to use your bow to reduce the speed, and then hit it using bows.

The normal arrows were a breeze for us, however it may be easier to attach explosives or other items to your arrows prior to attaching them.

If you can time the landing just right, you could blast through Colgera’s initial weakness.

Once the weak point is removed, Colgera will disappear through an opening, signalling the beginning in the next phase.

Colgera Wind Temple boss – Phase 2

Colgera will now traverse a portal to emerge from the boss arena in the second part of the fight

To harm Colgera, the Wind Temple boss during this second phase, you need to move beneath Colgera to ensure that you are close to the weak point of ice and then pull the bow, slowing time and shoot shots at the weak spot.

You’ll be able to tell Colgera is near to being harmed when the weak spot appears more like a snowflake an orange-colored center.

If you’re having trouble getting the shot just right Attaching a homing device such as Keese eyeballs on your archers prior to shooting will direct it towards the weak point. If you’re too far from the weak point, you can also use items that allow your arrows to go further, similar to Keese wings, however this isn’t as reliable as material homing.

If you’re running out of the materials to homing, however it’s possible to keep them in mind to use in the next phase since it’s difficult to target your bow.

Keep battling Colgera in this manner until its health bar is at half The third and final phase kicks in.

Colgera Wind Temple boss – Phase 3

In this final stage it’s exactly the same as the previous phase: get close to weak areas using Link’s bows and arrows in order to harm the weak spots. But this time, it’s much more difficult, because Colgera has summoned numerous tornadoes to attempt to block Link.

They’re a challenge to fly about, and we recommend using the gust capability of Tulin to speed up when you spot one close to Link.

As we’ve mentioned before, this is the most effective phase to utilize your homing tools such as Keese eyeballs that Link’s arrows, to direct them to weak spots since it’s the toughest phase of fighting.

Be aware that you can add other items to the bows, such as bombs, to destroy Colgera’s weak spots faster.

Link is finally defeated by Colgera when you remove its weak spots of ice on the third occasion in the final phase. You’ll receive a lengthy story cutscene, a heart container as well as an inscription of the Vow to Tulin in the Wind Temple Rewards.

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