OWowpet Review: Is OWowpet.com Legit? 

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Owowpet can be described as an online pet store that is gaining popularity from the pet owners community. The site offers a range of pet-related products, such as beds, toys, and food. Like any other retail store, Owowpet is not without controversy. opinions from its clients.

About OWowpet

Owowpet is an online shop that sells assortment of pet items such as toys, treats beds, grooming products. They provide free shipping within the US on orders of more than $60, and a 30 day return policy.

One thing that set Owowpet different from other pet stores is their emphasis on ease of use. They provide a wide range of products made to make your life simpler, like their single-hand operated pet treat dispenser as well as their pet water bowl with no spill.

Another thing I love the most about Owowpet has to do with their social network. They have a VIP membership which gives members access to the latest announcements, special offers, and much more. This is a fantastic opportunity to network with other pet owners and get informed about the most recent innovations and new products.

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Positive Reviews:

One review posted on reviewseen.com discusses Owowpet as a site which sells pet products such as beds, toys and even food. They claim to provide high-quality products for only a fraction of the price.

Be aware that this positive review relies upon the assertions made by the website it self and is not based on user experience. The majority of reviews that were found were negative. Always conduct your own research prior to purchasing.

Negative Reviews:

A YouTube video entitled “Scam Alert! OWOWPET.COM” OWOWPET.COM review” suggests that there could be problems with the website.

The review posted on Scamdoc.com has a poor trust score, and also states that a toy broke in just a few minutes of use.

A review in Scam Watcher describes the website as a scam that sells pet-related items at a discount, however they are accused of swindling people by offering fraudulent and damaged items.

A review posted on techfitnes.com is a sign that, according to the information and the reviews that have been compiled the site may not be a reliable website.

The review posted on Amazon of a item that is sold by Owowpet has concerns about the product’s performance and the time to deliver.

A piece about Online Income Resources questions the credibility of Owowpet.

A review published on Coinworldstory.com indicates that Owowpet might have a problem being a dependable and reliable brand. The company advises customers to be extremely cautious and conduct extensive research prior to buying.

Here are some items that Owowpet has to offer:

Pet Treat Dispenser

Pet Treat Dispenser

Pet Grooming Hammock

No-Spill Pet Water Bowl

OWowpet Reviews

Here are a few of the reviews for owowpet we’ve stumbled across online in our company research.


  • Variety of Products: A wide variety of pet items.
  • thumbs-down-icon


  • Negative Reviews: Many reviews have highlighted problems with the website.
  • Trustworthiness Site has been flagged as having a an unsatisfactory trust score.
  • Insufficient Reputability: Some reports suggest Owowpet might not be a reliable brand.
  • Qualities and customer service issues complaints about the quality of products and responses from customer service.

Owowpet Red Flags

New Creation The domain of Owowpet.com was registered just recently, which can be an indication of a fraud website designed to trick customers for a short amount of time.

The company is suspicious: Owowpet is associated with the company that is known for operating several scam stores on the internet which raises questions regarding its legitimacy and credibility.

Incomplete physical address: Owowpet does not provide an address that is physically located for its business, which is atypical for well-known companies.

No Contact Information The only way to reach Owowpet is via an email address: [email protected] that raises questions regarding their customer support.

Discounts and Prices that aren’t real Owowpet provides discounts of up to 70% or percent, which is typically an approach used by fraudsters to lure customers into buying fake or low-quality goods.

Copy Content Owowpet is stealing content as well as images of products from legitimate online stores, which suggests the lack of authenticity and trustworthiness.

Low Social Media Presence Owowpet’s social presence is suspect, with low engagement and a tiny number of followers which cast doubt on their credibility.

Customer complaints They have reported problems like missing or delayed delivery, bad customer service, incorrect or defective products, or difficulties receiving refunds.

Is Owowpet Legit or a Scam?

In light of the red flags mentioned that have been mentioned, it is safe to draw the conclusion there is a good chance that Owowpet is a fraudulent site which should be avoided. There are no proofs to show its legitimacy or credibility in providing high-quality products or services to its customers.

What To Do If You’ve Shopped On Owowpet

If you’ve purchased something through Owowpet here are a few steps to follow:

Contact your credit or bank company to request that the transaction be cancelled and request for a refund.

Make sure you change your passwords in particular in the event that you have used the same password on other accounts on the internet.

Be wary of emails that appear to be phishing that claim to be from Owowpet and unsubscribe from them before clicking on any buttons or downloading any attachments.

Avoid installing any application recommended by Owowpet since they may contain malware or viruses.

Inform the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with any proof and communications records.

Tips for Secure Online Shopping on New Websites

To ensure a secure shopping experience online, you should follow these guidelines when shopping on new sites:

Do a thorough investigation of the reputation of the website and on customer feedback.

Search for secure web connections that have “https” and a padlock symbol.

Check out customer reviews to assess the reliability of the site as well as their quality products and services.

Learn about the site’s refund and return policies prior to making an purchase.

Make use of secure payment methods that protect the buyer like credit cards, or reliable online payment services.

Secure your personal data by supplying only the information you need when you check out.


Owowpet is a shady website to avoid. The red flags it has include recent development and suspicious association with a company absence of contact information and unrealistic prices, as well as copied content, and even customer complaints indicate that the site is not reliable. Be aware when you shop online and adhere to the guidelines that are provided to ensure your security and pleasant shopping experience.

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