Cooking gas or LPG prices again rise by Rs. 25


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There has been a new price hike in the cost of LPG gas cylinders making it almost impossible to buy them.

Hike in LPG prices

There was a hike in the price of LPG cooking gas prices again on Wednesday, 1st September 2021. It happened because the state-owned petroleum companies raised the rates from Wednesday onwards. Before 15 days, on 18th August too, there was a hike in the LPG cooking gas prices. This increase of Rs. 25 happened after a consecutive hike of the same amount for two months. There was a recent revision in LPG rates. So the price of a non-subsidized cylinder that weighs 14.2 kg went up to Rs. 884.50 in Delhi costs Rs. 911 in Kolkata. This is the difference in both the cities, almost Rs. 27. In Mumbai, a non-subsidized LPG cylinder of 14.2 kg will now cost Rs. 884.50 just like in Delhi. One has to pay Rs. 911 in Kolkata for the same thing. It is the highest rate in between the four metropolitan cities.

How much is the actual hike in prices of LPG within the last 2 months?

In the last 15 days, the price of an LPG cylinder went up by Rs. 50. There was a hike of Rs. 25 on 18th August and again on 1st September, there has been a hike of Rs. 25. Even in July, there was a hike in the price of LPG by Rs. 25.50. So, it is clearly seen that in the last two months, the prices of LPG have gone up by Rs. 75.

Hike in prices of commercial gas cylinders

In addition to the rates of cooking gas, the prices of commercial gas cylinders used in restaurants and eateries have gone up as well. There is a hike of Rs. 75 in the price of a 19 kg commercial cylinder. The current cost of it in Delhi is Rs. 1693 but in Kolkata, it costs a staggering amount of Rs. 1770.50. Although the gas prices are on the rise, the rates of petrol and diesel have gone down marginally on this day. Petrol became cheaper by 10 paise while the price of diesel went down by 14 paise.

Latest LPG cylinder prices in the 4 metro cities:

CITY1st September17th August1st July

Currently, the people get 12 subsidized LPG cylinders of 14.2 kilograms to a household every year from the government. However, the amount of subsidy that the people receive from the government on the annual quota of 12 refills changes from month to month.

LPG hike in 2021

LPG prices were first hiked by Rs. 25 per cylinder on the 4th of February. Then there was an Rs. 50 hike per cylinder on 15th February and a Rs. 25 rise on 25th February and 1st March. Again there was an increase of Rs. 125 on 1st April.

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