World Coconut Day: Everything you need to know!

Rajasree Roy

World Coconut Day is observed on September 2 every year. Coconut is that element, which just flourishes every cooking dish. Here are the insights and other details you need to know about World Coconut Day! 

Why we celebrate World Coconut Day? 

This day we celebrate to give tribute and respect to the formation of the Asian Pacific Coconut Community (APCC).   The headquarters of The APCC is at Jakarta in Indonesia. All major coconut-growing countries including India are members of APCC. On September 2, the world celebrates one of nature’s healthiest foods and promotes the uses and importance of Coconuts.

History of Coconut

The point of celebrating this occasion is to carry coconuts into the highlight and perceive their significance and advantages, wellbeing. People celebrate Coconut day, particularly in Asian and Pacific areas. APCC, Asian and Pacific Coconut Community are the organizers, which works with the majority of the coconut creation focuses. 

The coconut’s delightful name has a fascinating beginning. As depicted in many kid’s shows and kids’ representations, there are three spaces on the outer layer of a coconut, which take after a human face. Antiquated Iberian fables disclose to us that when the Portuguese and Spanish pilgrims saw these spaces, it helped them to remember the bogeyman or a comparable element. The legendary person from accounts of their local terrains was called ‘Coco,’ thus, the word ‘coconut’ was conceived. 

The coconut advanced from India to the bank of East Africa, on account of Arab mariners, and from Southeast Asia toward the west of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean and toward the east of the Pacific, because of Austronesian mariners. 

The primary recognition of World Coconut Day occurred in 2009, recognizing the making of the APCC. Consistently, the International Coconut Community sets a topic for World Coconut Day. In 2020, the topic was ‘Put resources into Coconut To Save The World.’

How you can celebrate? 

This coconut day is to remind you how healthy and nourishing element it is. How economically enrich this fruit is. This day you can give a try to new cuisine with coconut or make a coconut dish.  Or you can just throw a coconut theme party and have fun.

And if you can’t do that, you just can have raw coconut or a coconut chocolate bite. That would be cool for you too. Just have a bit of coconut to refresh your mind. 

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