Crime against women and communal hate: NCRB report 2021


The National Crime Records Bureau, full form of NCRB is an Indian government agency. It is responsible for collecting and organizing crime data. The Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Special and Local News (SLL) defines this crime data. The headquarters of this agency is in New Delhi. It is also part of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Government of India. Ramphal Pawar (IPS) is the current director of NCRB.

The main mission of NCRB is to empower Indian Police with Information technology and criminal intelligence. It must enable to uphold the law and protect people. Its main idea is to provide leadership and excellence in crime analysis, particularly in the case of serious and organized crimes.

In the recently released report on crimes from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Uttar Pradesh topped the list. It came under the scanner for the most recorded murder cases, communal hate cases, and crimes against women. The highest number of kidnapping cases were also recorded in UP. The current Inspector General (IG) of the Lucknow Range is IPS officer Laxmi Singh. According to her, the bureau should see the number of cases in accordance with the fact that Uttar Pradesh is the country’s most populous state. Approximately 24.1 crore people of the total Indian population live in UP, according to UID data for 2021.

On Friday, 17th September, this IPS officer said, “UP has the best crime situation in India. Crime under all heads is lowest in UP, compared to any state. While analyzing the data, the bureau should keep the population and area in mind.” In an opinion piece which got published in the Hindustan Times on Friday, Laxmi Singh wrote, “Bihar has a population of 12.4 crores, Maharashtra 12.47 crore, Madhya Pradesh 8.68 crore and West Bengal 10 crore. It is prudent to analyze data keeping this background in view. Some of the analysts have been quick to jump to conclusions. They have outlined that the highest number of murders and rape cases have occurred in UP during 2020. In her op-ed pieces titled ‘NCRB Data: Another Perspective’, she wrote, “For every 1 lakh people, 2.5 murders have occurred in Bihar, 2.42 in Madhya Pradesh, 1.94 in West Bengal, 1.73 in Maharashtra, and only 1.56 in Uttar Pradesh.

Bihar goes in the first position when it comes to petty crimes like ATM fraud, property disputes, and attacks on police categories. Now coming to crimes against women. A total of 28,046 rape cases were registered last year. The highest number of cases were registered in Rajasthan followed by Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh has reported 3836 cases with a rate of only 3.5. It is well below the national average. According to Laxmi Singh, UP has ensured safety for these vulnerable sections of society. According to her, there was no communal riot in the state since 2020. She added that NCRB data is just a reflection of the zero-tolerance politics that the Yogi government adopted. The government did this against crime, criminals, and the mafia.

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