website: is it fake?

Ipsita website is another website that has come under our inspection. According to its customers’ reviews on the net, it is a fake website. We will talk about it in detail.

What is the website? website is one that sells fashion goods and accessories online. They offer their products at a very low price. This attracts many customers to their website.

How does this website scam people?

Yes. website is fake. It takes the hard-earned money of the customers through an online payment. But after the products are paid for, the customers do not receive them. They completely wipe out the existence of the customer from their site. They take the money by scamming people.

Review of website

Here, we will show you a complaint made by a customer of this site. Here goes the complaint: “I have purchased a scooter from this site. Product price is rather low at Rs. 299. This is rather cheap from other sites like Amazon on which it gets sold at Rs. 1000.

I thought they are wholesalers but once the amount was deducted, there is no confirmation mail or message regarding the order placed. There is even no way of tracking the order since they did not provide any link to follow. There is even no message of the product getting shipped.

I have waited for a week but there are no changes in the order status on their site. I have tried to contact the seller. But the address given on their site is not available on maps. Even the given phone number is out of reach.

I am complaining because there are ads of this website on Google. Therefore, lots of people are purchasing products from their site. They are also going to get scammed. So it is my earnest request to take down the site

I have lodged a complaint in the payment portal regarding the same. The payment was deducted on the 21st of December, 2021. The name of the merchant was Jaypal Shamjibhai Jinjala. I even sent them a mail. But there was no reply to it.”

Frequently asked question about this site

Is the website fake?

Yes, this website is fake. It scams people.

Is this website legit?

No, this website is not legit.

Is the website a scam?

Yes, this website is a scam. It robs people of their money.

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