website: the next fashion scam?


Nowadays, we come across a lot of scam websites. Most of them are related to fashion. There is a huge reason for this. People have become lazy. But they want to remain up-to-date with fashion. So they order clothes online. But they are sometimes attracted to the websites that provide things cheap, that is, at an unbelievable price. website is one of them.

What is website? website is a website selling fashion products. They sell the products at a price which are too good to be true. Therefore, people are attracted to the unbelievable prices and fall prey to this scamming website.

Is website fake?

According to the reviews given of the products on this website, we can clearly see that this website is fake. They just loot people of their hard-earned money. They do this by accepting only those orders where the customer pays the money beforehand through online transactions. There is no Cash on Delivery option at all.

Proof that this website is a scam

Yes, people who have dealt with this website have given the tag of scam to it. Many of them made the payments beforehand but did not receive the product. When experts looked into the matter, they found out that the products sold by the website had no review section. This is itself very suspicious. When they clicked on the ‘buy now’ option of any product, they were redirected to a page where the logo was missing. This is another proof that the website is fake.
The next proof of the fact that this website is fake is their privacy policy. In this, it is clearly seen that the content is copied from the other websites.

Frequently asked questions about this website

Is website fake?

Yes, this website is not only fake. In fact, it is a scam.

Has this website been proven a scam?

Yes, if you read the above article, you will understand that this website is a scam.

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