website: is it a sacm website or real?


Nowadays, when one opens the internet, he or she comes across various ads on different websites. These websites sell fashion accessories, stationery products, or even kitchen appliances like the website. The prices of them are attractively low. Therefore, people are drawn to them.

What is website?

One of these websites is website. This website sells kitchen articles at a very low price. We can rather say that these prices are unbelievable. The ads of this website can be seen at a major level on Google. They can be seen even on the homepage of YouTube.

Is website real or fake?

A lot of people were attracted to the website at first sight. They even ordered a lot of things. They paid the money online. However, they did not receive the products as shown in the pictures. Some of the people did not receive their ordered products at all.

How is this website fake?

Therefore, it can be concluded that this website is a scam. It takes money from the buyers in an online method. This is before they deliver the products. As soon as the orders are placed, the buyers lost track of them. They cannot find them in their order list.

A review of this website

We will show the readers a review written by Amrit Digant of Lucknow regarding this website. It says, “I bought a coffee maker from this website. The website took an additional charge for 24-hour delivery. I paid about Rs. 700. The deal sounded too good to be true. So I checked the website certificate.
It is a zero-cost free security certificate. They do not take payments in the Cash on Delivery (COD) mode. I tried calling their number. But it turned out to be invalid. This is purely a scam which used to operate earlier as I submitted a scam report with

Conclusion about website

After reading this review, many people have found out that the email id is out of order. The website never replies to the emails sent by the buyers regarding no delivery of their products. Even the number given on the website is fake. Therefore, we advise the readers not to fall prey to this scam website.

Some frequently asked questions about this website

Is website real?

No, if you read the above article, you will yourself come to the decision that this website is not real.

Has this website been proven fake?

Yes, people have proved this website to be an absolute scam. You will understand this as soon as you read the above article.

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