Heranos.co.uk website review: is it legit or a scam?


This is 2022, the year of lockdown. Most people have lost their jobs worldwide. So, they are in dire need of money. They are ready to go to any lengths in order to earn money to run their livelihood. Many of them are opening up online websites too like the heranos.co.uk website.

If one is ready to explore a new online store for health and beauty products, one must view this website. The products on this website are technologically very innovative and modern. The Heranos online store offers these innovative wellness products.

What is the heranos.co.uk website?

According to our research, we know this virtual shop offers health and beauty products. As per the website is concerned we find the store sells a wide range of products to the customers. If you log in to the store, you can find top female-oriented products. The store guaranteed to offer high but unique quality items to the buyers.

Specifications about this website

  • Registered Address is 2 Canal Street Sheffield England S4 7ZE
  • Registered Phone Number is 13817829
  • Date of Domain is 28.12.2021
  • Available Products are Hair clips, hairdryers, hairbrushes, shavings, razors.
  • Shipping Rules depends on the availability of stocks.
  • Charge for Delivery is not free.
  • Returning Methods- 30 days return norms assured.
  • Product Return Policy is conditional.
  • Refund items should pass the “Approval” process via the store.
  • Payment Options are multiple like Paypal, Visa, Amex.

Positive highlights about the heranos.co.uk website

  1. Maximum products are attractive.
  2. Various kinds of products are under one umbrella.
  3. The website claims to have a 100 percent money-back policy.
  4. Also, claim to offer 24/7 customer care.

Negative highlights about the heranos.co.uk website

  1. The refund policy is very dicey.
  2. The product return rules are much conditional.
  3. If the return products are not passed their approval process, you can’t get any refund.
  4. The shipping charges are also not free.

Points to determine if this website is legit or fake

  • Domain: The domain date is 28 December 2021. So, the owners created the domain just 2 months back. It is awfully young.
  • Social Media Pages- There are no social media handles for this website.
  • Founder’s Description: We did not find any founder’s details on this website.
  • Buyer’s Feedback: As per the domain date data this online store is just launched. So, we don’t get any customer feedback to this date. Even on the website, there is no buyer’s feedback published.
  • Trust Points- Just a 2 percent trust score. That is an awful trust score and not suitable for any online store.
  • Payment Terms: The website offers various types of payment options but not cash on delivery (COD).
  • The Store policy: Many policies like return and refund methods are harsh and conditional.
  • Contact Legitimacy: On the website, you will find the office address, phone number, and email ID, but none of them works. The contact number is invalid and the email id does not return any emails if one sends them.

Frequently asked questions about this website

Is the heranos.co.uk website legit?

Most probably, this website is not legit.

Is this website fake?

Reading all the above points, one can say that this website is fake.

Is the heranos.co.uk website safe?

No, this website is not safe. We do not recommend anyone buying anything from here.

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