History and origin of World Photography Day


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There is a popular saying which we all have heard. The saying goes as ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ This was actually the basic and core idea behind World Photography Day.

What is World Photography Day

This day is an annual and worldwide celebration of art and craft, science, and the history of photography. It usually takes place on 19th August every year. 2021 will also celebrate the day tomorrow. On this day, photography enthusiasts come and gather from all around the world. They celebrate the art of clicking pictures.

History of this day and why August 19

France is a country that celebrates arts of all forms. Similarly, the origin of World Photography Day has been traced back to this very country in 1837. The invention of ‘daguerreotype’ led to the development of the first-ever photographic process. Two Frenchmen named Joseph Nicephore Niepce and Louis Daguerre made the invention.

The invention of the daguerreotype was announced officially by The French Academy of Sciences. The day was the 19th of January, 1837. It is said that just after 10 days of being officially announced, the French government themselves bought the patent for the invention. Then they gifted it to the entire world without any copyright. Therefore everyone celebrates 19th August as World Photography Day.

History of commercial photography

The beginning of commercial photography happened with the French invention. However, William Henry Fox Talabot made the process of taking photos simpler. This happened in 1839. This person invented a more flexible photographic process using paper-based salt prints. This multifaceted system was in the league as a competitor to the metal-based daguerreotype.

A man called Thomas Sutton took the first durable color picture in 1861. After that came digital photographs. Someone first took it in 1957, twenty years before a Kodak engineer built the first-ever digital camera.

Importance of photography- the basic constituent of this day

The science of photography was the backbone of human history. Today we can proudly present the image of the special events of our life and country in front of everyone. This is because, during that very time, people had captured those moments in photographs. Now they can look at them forever.

Photography is a very valuable talent because it can capture emotions, ideas, expressions, and moments in an instant. The pictures immortalize the moment and wait for future generations to witness them.

Significance of World Photography Day

Every year on this day, people remember the contribution of the pioneers of photography. It is those who inspired others to use and polish this skill. All around the world, people celebrate this day to create awareness, share ideas and encourage individuals in this field.

From taking selfies to taking pictures that capture protests and wars, this day celebrates the art of taking pictures. Wildlife photographers, amateur photographers, fashion photographers, and even photojournalists celebrate this day with great enthusiasm.

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