Remembering the Legend Utpal Dutt on Death Anniversary

We all know Utpal Dutt as the world-class entertainer whose presence could light up the scenes without any assistance. Clever, entertaining, severe, and surely – he was a genuine expert of the craftsmanship.Today is the 27th death anniversary of Utpal Dutt. He was a successful actor, director, writer-playwright, and theatre activist who remained an extremely radical figure in Bengali theatre and Indian Films for more than 40 years.

Utpal Dutt was born on 29 March 1929 in Barisal (now in Bangladesh). He was brought up and educated in Calcutta ( now Kolkata). He founded the Calcutta Little Theatre Group in 1947. He toured with the Shakespearean International Theatre Company two times.

His introduction into film was more by chance than a purposeful decision. At this time when Shakespearana International Theater Company chose to leave India, Utpal Dutt’s group was all the while performing English plays. At the point when they were performing Othello, the well-known director Madhu Bose came to watch the exhibition. He was then searching for a male lead for his film dependent on the existence of Michael Madhusudan Dutt. Dazzled by Utpal Dutt’s understanding of Othello, Bose then, at that point offered him the role. Dutt was also likewise searching for a chance to augment his acting material then, at that point looking for new fields so he joyfully took the offer. This was the beginning of a long vocation advanced with a thick arrangement of movies in both Hindi and Bengali.

When Utpal Dutt came into Indian films, he just made some blockbuster roles. His role in Hirak Rajar Deshe, Agantuk, Golmaal are timeless. Bhuvan Shome was a renowned character portrayed by him, which inspires people to become an actor. With Satyajit Ray and Mrinal Sen, Utpal Dutt just boosted up the level of acting.
From 1954 he wrote and directed many controversial Bengali political plays, among all of them, Angar (1959) was a notable work. He was most popular for such political dramatizations, which he frequently delivered on outdoors organizes in rustic Bengal, just as for his obligation to socialist philosophy. He was known for his communist ideologies.
Utpal Dutt got arrested in 1965 and confined for a while. because the Congress Party stated that his play, Kallol was inciting anti-government fights in West Bengal. During the 1970s three of his plays drew swarms despite being authoritatively banned.

Utpal Dutt was featured in almost 200 films. From the beginning with Michael Madhusudan (1950), he gave us a golden age of Indian Films. Dutt even wrote books on Indian Revolutionary drama, theatre and Shakespeare.

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