How to download Windows 11 in the easiest way possible


Microsoft has announced the Next Generation of Windows namely Windows 11 to be launched in the market just a few months ago. The Tech Giant has made its downloading easier than ever before.

When will Windows 11 be released?

Microsoft announced their news about Windows 11 just a few months ago. It is a follow-up of Windows 10 which will officially release later in the year for everyone. The date will most likely be between September and October. Although the exact release date is not out yet, the tech giant will reveal the date sometime soon. Ahead of the official release, Microsoft has made it easier than ever before to download the new version of Windows.

What is needed to install this new Windows?

Microsoft is now offering the ISO files for the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.160 as an option for download. The users can choose these files if they want to ‘clean install’ the new Windows OS on any compatible PC or laptop. But it must be kept in mind that if a user wants to install the next-gen Windows, he/she must have a valid Windows 10 license to activate Windows 11 in case they choose to use this ISO.

Users would now be able to install the beta version of this upgraded Windows on any compatible PC. Microsoft will allow its users to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 using official ISO files. In order to install the updates, the compatible PC users will need to sign up for Windows Insider through Microsoft’s official website.

How to install Windows 11?

Once the sign-up is complete, the user has to visit the Windows Insider Preview Downloads page. Then they will have to select an option between Dev Channel and Beta Channel build. The difference between the two channels is that Dev Channel is updated more frequently but the Beta Channel is more stable. However, the only limitation of the Beta Channel is that it does not get all the latest features.

Once the downloading process is complete, users will simply have to double click on the ISO files to open it and update their PC to Windows 11. The best thing about these ISO files is that they bring all the major new Windows features.

What are the key features of Windows 11?

There are many key features on the new Windows. These include a redesigned Start Menu and Taskbar. There is also a new chat application, Microsoft Teams integration, and much more. Compared to Windows 10, this Windows brings more ways to multitask. This next-generation Windows update will bring along with it some new app updates which will include a new Alarms experience. These feature “Focus Sessions” and a lot more. There will also be a new Paint app in Windows 11.

Windows 11 is far more advanced than Windows 10. If one downloads this version of the Windows, he/she will have access to all the new additions that the next generation windows possess as well as upcoming or new features.

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