How to keep asthmatic lungs safe from air pollution


Air pollution is a very dangerous thing. During Diwali, people burst crackers. All that cracker smoke mixed up with the natural air. Now that Diwali is gone, the quality of the air has dropped further. In fact, it has dropped to a dangerous level. It is harmful to inhale this type of air. This is because it will affect the lungs and damage them.

After Diwali, people started complaining of breathlessness, coughing, and eye irritation. These are short-term issues that will go on for a week or two. Then they will disappear. But if people are exposed to them for a long time, it will increase the risk of lung disorders. Air pollution is all the more harmful for those who are already suffering from asthma. The smoke plus fog, which is commonly known as smog increases shortness of breath and coughing. Here are 6 ways to protect one’s asthmatic lungs from air pollution.

Improve indoor air quality

Cooking gas, open windows, and ventilators can increase the level of air pollutants inside the house, that is, indoors. So, one needs to take steps to improve the quality of air in the house. To ensure that, one must clean their rugs, carpets, curtain, and ventilators every week. They must also get air-purifying indoor plants. Along with that, they must keep their doors and windows closed when the air quality outside is poor.

Opt for steam therapy

Steam therapy involves the inhalation of water vapor to clear the airways. It helps one breathe properly. The warm, moist warm air loosens the mucus in the nasal passages, throat, and lungs. It may also provide relief from inflamed, swollen blood vessels in one’s nasal passages caused due to pollutant particles. One must take steam at least twice daily if they go out and inhale the polluted air outside.

Wear a mask so as not to breathe the polluted air

During the pandemic, we developed a habit of wearing a mask every time we stepped outside. We suggest people to continue this habit. Whenever one goes out, he or she should wear an N95 mask covering their nose and mouth properly. Mask protects the tiny dust particles from entering one’s lungs. After that, they cause irritation, which triggers coughing. It also protects one from flu and the COVID-19 virus.

Step outside only when it is absolutely necessary

One must always keep in mind the quality of air. Only after that, they should step outside. This also must be done only when necessary. If the task can be done from home or delayed for a few days, then it is the best option. Even if one goes outside for a quick walk in the morning or evening, they must avoid it till the time the air quality level doesn’t get better. They can also exercise indoors for the time being.

Take medicines on time

The most important of all is to take the medication on time. This must be done to control the symptoms of asthma. Asthmatic are also advised to keep their inhalers handy. They must do that so as to use them whenever they feel breathless. Inhalers provide quick relief with symptoms. If one feels that their condition is getting worse or the medication is not helping much, they must talk to their doctor.

Last but not the list, eat healthy so as to prevent polluted air from affecting the body

Foods play a vital role in clearing the air passage. It also helps one to breathe easily. Eating some specific food can reduce the inflammation in the lungs, clear mucus, and even boost immunity to fight the cold weather. Including more anti-inflammatory foods like turmeric, cruciferous vegetables, cherries, olives, and walnut in one’s diet is suggested. Turmeric milk, jaggery, honey, and green are some other food items that one may have to have some help with worsening asthmatic conditions.

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