Impact of Work From Home on Work and Life 

Rajasree Roy

Work from home is now a new term for millennials. India’s Business, start-up companies, E-commerce is growing beautifully since 2015. India was the third-largest start-up ecosystem. Also, the media company’s growth now has a significant view.

Why Work from Home?

In 2020, this covid-19 pandemic affected all over everything in the world. Employees and Employers shifted to the Work from the home scene for lockdown otherwise, they would be affected by the covid-19 virus. and company cant pay employees for no work, so they shifted to work from home scene.

And then we can see the consequences of this drastic change. Work from home has both positive and negative sides. 

Negative sides

Since 2020, most of these companies have shifted their staff to work from home, which in many cases, has meant working longer and less regular hours. The impression Employers had that employees are constantly at home. So therefore they are always available.  So the sleep schedule and work time got imbalanced.

Many companies have asked their staff to work from home. And a lack of infrastructure poses challenges. For instance, some parts of India, don’t have access to high-quality Internet at home.  Some of the employees don’t have laptops at home.

At some companies, planning for a complete shift to work-from-home had been ongoing for a while, so for some of them, the transition was smooth. Some startups solved these problems quickly and some are still suffering.  

Positive Sides

 This WFH scene is easy because it saves transportation money. It also cuts all those lame unnecessary money spendings. But people thought it would be a short time solution. But as the Pandemic is getting bigger in size, this WFH scene is being the new normal. But this affects mental health. People can’t hang out like before. Every HR management of companies is trying hard to keep their employees up to date and happy. People used to meet and greet every weekend but now they can’t even talk on calls on weekends. 

Also, some working women are now trying to balance everything. They now manage time for work and life. Some people are being productive cause they cut off their time of transportation. 

In the WFH scene, there is a big flex in flexible time. This wasn’t in the 9 to 5 job schedule. And also anyone doesn’t need to be informal dresses. They can work being comfortable in their personal home space or desk. 

This thing can be pathetic but is good for those people who are introverted and socially occurred. They just can call or chat to work. 

People now trying to accept these situations as new normal. They are trying to cop up their problems with WFH. Hope we will all make this scene work one day.

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