Narendra Modi on Terrorism: Empires Founded on Terrorism Don’t Last

Rajasree Roy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday participated in the program in Gujrat. It was related to the Somnath temple of Gujarat. During this, PM Modi said that “Empires founded on terrorism don’t last.’

At this time, the whole world is now worried about the Taliban’s seize of force in Afghanistan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in the event of dispatching new activities at the notable Somnath sanctuary on August 20. He reminded the world that the rule of dread is consistently impermanent and can’t be super durable.

Narendra Modi said, “Somnath temple was destroyed many times. Idols were desecrated many times and attempts were made to wipe out their existence. But it came up in its full glory after every destructive attack, which gives self-confidence to us.” 

It was true that the Somnath temple was destroyed in past times. But after sometimes that temple stood up firmly. He said those things while inaugurating few projects in Gujrat. PM also added,” Forces that strive for destruction and those who follow the ideology of creating empires out of terror can dominate for some time, but their existence is never permanent.”

Modi made this remark after the Afghanistan-Taliban incident. This incident shook all over the world. But all over the world couldn’t help them. So Narendra Modi gave this remark to assure Indian citizens. 

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