Indian Army has made women officers of these branches as Colonels, For the first time.

Rajasree Roy

India just got a piece of great news just before Women Equality Day. The women of India achieved another step in the army. In the Indian Army, five women officers have been promoted to colonels.

 The Indian Army has given the rank of colonel to five women officers. They have completed 26 years of service. Abhishek Bhalla of ‘India Today’ got this report. Indian Army said-“A selection board of the Indian Army has cleared the way for five women officers to be given the rank of colonel on completion of 26 years of service.”

We know that in only a few corps till now, women officers got the rank of colonel. These corps are- Judge Advocate General (JAG), Army Medical Corps (AMC),  and the Army Education Corps (AEC). But to five officers, whom the Indian Army has given the rank of colonel are not from these three corps. Those five women officers come from the Corps of Signals, the Corps of Engineers, the Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers (EME).

The women officers who have been selected for the rank of colonel are- Lt Col Sonia Anand from Corps of EME, Lt Col Sangeeta Sardana from Corps of Signals, Lt Col Navneet Duggal from Corps of Engineers, Lt Col Reenu Khanna, and Lt Col Richa Sagar.

Other decisions from Indian Army:

Offering these promotions to women in many departments of the military is an indication that the entryways of the profession for women in the military are getting extensive. Gradually, we are in fact moving towards gender equity. Giving the position of colonel to women officials just implies that these officials will be in order jobs.

Those certain changes are taking place slowly to improve the status of women in the Indian Army. However, most of the changes are happening under the orders of the courts. Recently, the army had given the permanent commission to 147 women officers.

Apart from this decision, the Supreme Court had recently allowed girls to prepare and appear in the NDA(National Defence Academy & Naval Academy) exam as well. Through this exam following a medical exam, NDA recruits in the Indian Army, navy, and air force wings of NDA.  Even on 15th August, PM Narendra Modi announced that girls can do schooling from Sainik School. 

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