Is Jaa lifestyle website real or scam?


What is Jaa Lifestyle?

There is a website named Jaa lifestyle. It helps people to achieve their financial goals and fulfill their dreams. Jaa lifestyle enables its community to share Jaa lifestyle’s mission of financial freedom by engaging in their corporate affiliate business model.

Application details

  • Company Name – Jaa Lifestyle
  • Website –
  • Status – Doubtful
  • Company Type – Finance / MLM
  • Language – English
  • Registered Office Address – 37th Floor One Canada Square, London, England, E14 5AB

Is Jaa Lifestyle a scam?

After the research on the internet and on various consumer forums one may find many people sharing their experiences with the company, which are neither so good nor so bad. As per one’s research, Jaa lifestyle does not seem to be safe, there are some major problems that put it in the category of suspicious.

Missing complete company owner information defines the unsafeness of the website. Another big reason is that the company charges activation charges from people to become members.

Thus, it is one’s own choice to become a member of that company or not. One does not recommend their readers to join it. However, without solid proof or evidence, one cannot make such a claim that the website is a scam.

Pros of Jaa Lifestyle

It has only one pro. That is, it is an earning website

Cons Of Jaa Lifestyle

It has a lot of cons. The first one is that it has a lack of licensing or certifications. The second one is that it is not overhyped. And the third one is that no clear customer assistance service is provided.

3 ways to earn money here

  • Free future share income
  • Free ad view income
  • Subscription-based monthly team income (that is, refer and earn)

The second one is the most famous. The company has said that it fixed a target for the viewers. If one watches 1 ad, he or she will earn 3.8 rupees. If one watches 60 ads, they will earn Rs. 240. So, a person can earn Rs.7000 monthly just by watching ads.

The third is also popular, that is, refer and earn. If one can join 3 members, they will earn Rs. 21,000 a month. Similarly, if one can join 5 members, he or she can earn Rs. 35,000 approximately on a monthly basis. And if one hits the jackpot of joining 10 members, they will earn more than Rs. 70,000 monthly.

What is the actual game plan of this website?

There is a registration charge of Rs. 1000 or 18 euros. This is the pre-launch scheme of the website. Till now, the website is not completely launched and already more than 30 lakh people have joined it.

This means, the company already has an earning of Rs. 300 crores without even doing any work. It earned it just by its pre-launching scheme. This website does not even have a business model like YouTube who gives 55% of the money to the creators of the video and 45% of the money takes as its own fees.

It is written that the company is registered in the United Kingdom. Sources have called the helpline numbers given but have received no response. This strengthens the fact that the website is a scam.

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