The return of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI)


The International Film Festival of India (IFFI) has returned for its 52nd edition. It started today, that is, the 20th of November and will go on till the 28th of November. Here, prestigious filmmakers will present their films.

The categories films are divided into are feature films, non-feature films, and international competition. There will be a lot of films that will be shown at the IFFI. Here are a few.

The opening film will be The King of all the World. It is in the language Spanish and is directed by Carlos Saura. He is as famous as Lewis Bunioil and Petro Alvodo War. Saura started his films on reality-based concepts. However, later on, he had to change his filmmaking style. The reason was censorship. So, to avoid that, he used symbols and metaphors. He believes in the mixture of the past with the present and also of reality with fiction. He has paid special attention to dance and music. The cinematographer is Vetorio Storaro. His usage of color and lighting style stand out. The release date has not been announced. But it is confirmed that it will release first on the big screen in cinema halls.

The second film is Abhijaan. It is directed by Parambrata Chatterjee and the language is Bengali. On 15th November 2020, the world of cinema lost Soumitro Chattopadhyay. He has inspired actors over generations. One of them was Parambrata Chatterjee. This is a feature film. Jissu Sengupta plays the early life of Soumitra while the old age is played by the actor himself. It will be released by 2021 end.

The third film is Toofan Mail. Its language is Hindi and directed by Akriti Singha. ‘Toofaan Mail’ is based on a true incident from the 1970s, where a woman arrived at the New Delhi railway station, claiming to be the Queen of Awadh, and sought to meet the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi. The film will be shown on November 21 in Panjim.

The fourth film is Koolangal by P S Vinodraj. Its language is Tamil. It is a ground-reality-based film. It captures personal experiences. The director’s sister was kicked out of her in-laws and isolated. Then she came back home on foot. What she saw and experienced on the way is what the film is all about.

The fifth film is The power of the dog in the language English. Jane Campian directed it and the main actor is Benedict Cumberbatch. This film understands toxic masculinity. It is a story about two brothers. One gets married and brings his wife and child to his home. The second brother gets jealous and tries to put his sister-in-law and nephew down. This film will stream on Netflix from 1st December.

The next one is a French and Belgium language movie named Titane. Julia Docournau directed it. It is based on body horror. The director is very good at it. Previously, she had made these types of films which made the audience gasp in horror and discomfort.

The other exciting films to will be streamed at IFFI are Lamb (a horror film), Memoria (a mystery film), The worst person in the world. One can also stream films by Satyajit Ray on Amazon which collaborated with IFFI this year.

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