Kanhaiya Kumar’s entry into Congress irks BJP leader


News has come in that the leader of the Communist Party of India, Kanhaiya Kumar joins Congress. This happens today, that is, 28th September. He is the former JNU student president and leader of the Left. Word is in the air that Jignesh Menavi is also joining Congress along with Kanhaiya Kumar. Recently, Jignesh has confirmed Kanhaiya’s joining the Congress. The walls of Congress headquarters have been filled with posters of Kanhaiya Kumar before he joined the Congress. The speculations of Kumar joining the Congress were being made for several days. Many political parties are targeting his decision to change the party. In the meantime, the media has found out something. They found out that Kanhaiya Kumar took out his AC installed from CPI’s office in Patna. Regarding this matter, many users on social media are taunting the Congress and Kumar.

Neelkant Bakshi, a BJP worker taunted the Congress by tweeting. In his tweet, he wrote, “Good news for Congress, today he is coming with an old free AC.” In another tweet he wrote, “The day the surgical strike was done, the same date, that is, today Rahul Gandhi is taking Kanhaiya Kumar in his party. You understand something.” At the very same time, Shalabh Mani Tripathi who is an information advisor in the Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh too taunted Kanhaiya Kumar too through a saying. Tweeting the news of Kanhaiya Kumar taking the AC from the CPI office, he tweeted, “We only knew about the JNU hostel’s misdeeds, today this incident also came to the fore. There is a saying in the East- go by theft, not by rigging.” He said that the bigger the traitor, the stronger his entry into Congress.

Avinash Kumar, the Bollywood director was in favor of Kanhaiya and Jignesh joining the Congress. In one of his tweets, he wrote, “Kanhaiya and Jignesh joining the Congress shows which face Congress wants to take along for further political battles. For the defeat of fascism in India, Congress must be assertive and strong. My best wishes to Kanhaiya Kumar, Jignesh Mevani, and Congress.”

A user who goes by the name of Madhav Sharma wrote, “Congress is convinced that by including Kanhaiya Kumar in its party, the party will not get even 10 seats in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections.” Another user who goes by the name of Hitesh Rajpurohit wrote, “Dear Congress, now when you lose, do not blame EVMs. Such traitors are joining the party.” A third user named Smita Deshmukh wrote sarcastically on the incident of carrying AC, “Some of my belongings are lying with you.” A fourth user named Jayant Bohra wrote, “Kanhaiya joined Congress so that he can fight capitalism, LOL.”

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