Kubapharm.com website {April 2022}: review


Today we will learn information about the kubapharm.com website. It sells medicines online. It was observed that Kubapharm provided Schedule II stimulants and Adderall medicines that are not sold without a prescription.

Did you know that the FDA and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration had issued a warning letter to Kubapharm on 30th March 2022? They also mentioned that this website did not have modified DEA registration.

What is the kubapharm.com website?

Kubapharm.com is a commercial website selling medicines online. Further reviews of Kubapharm.com showed that customers had filed many complaints about the website.

This website does not encourage self-medication but understands that getting a prescription is lengthy. It sells all types of medicines. It does not require the users to submit any prescription for scheduled drugs.

This website sells antipyretics, analgesics, painkillers, antimalarial drugs, antibiotics, antiseptics, research chemicals, mood stabilizers, and prescription medications.

Specifications about this website

  • Social media Links: unspecified here, considered in reviewing if this website is legit
  • Price: between $1.00 to $6,250.00.
  • Physical address: 20411 Neuralia Rd, California City, CA 93505.
  • Customer Reviews and blogs: it supports only customer reviews.
  • Terms and Conditions: unspecified here. Only a few points are mentioned in FAQ.
  • Privacy policy: unspecified at this website. Only a few points are mentioned in FAQ.
  • Phone (or) WhatsApp number: only contact number is mentioned as (513)760-0548 on Kubapharm.com.
  • Store locator: It did not specify the physical addresses of stores.
  • Help and FAQ: specified on Kubapharm.com.
  • Delivery Policy: Medicines are delivered within three to fourteen days by this website.
  • Shipping Policy: Standard international shipping costs $30 and expresses international shipping costs $50, accounted for in this website’s reviews.
  • Tracking: not possible here.
  • Return Policy: unspecified at this website.
  • Refunds Policy: It offers refunds only for damaged and faulty products.
  • Email address: [email protected].
  • Mode of Payment: via Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, and Visa in US$.
  • Newsletters: supported by this website.

Positive aspects of the kubapharm.com website

  1. The User-friendly interface of this website with searching, sorting, and filtering options
  2. A detailed description of medicine is provided in it
  3. Prescriptions need not be uploaded to purchase the medicine from this website
  4. Restricted medicines are available in bulk quantity in powdered form at this website
  5. Medicines are categorized. You need not have any knowledge about medicine and shop them by browsing this website

Negative aspects of this website

  1. Ignoring regulations, Kubapharm.com offers restricted medicines, which nullifies all its advantages
  2. This website did not specify any policies and mentioned inadequate information in FAQs
  3. It controls the customer ratings as the number of reviews did not show up on the dashboard
  4. The specified physical address showed a residential house on the maps
  5. High shipping cost, no free shipping, and discounts offered by this website

Points to prove whether this website is real or fake

  • Kubapharm.com Creation: 25th May 2020 at 09:43:53.
  • Website age: twenty-two months and twenty days old.
  • Website last updated on: 11th January 2022 at 21:15:37.
  • Kubapharm.com Expiry: 25th May 2022 at 09:43:53, an important factor in kubapharm reviews.
  • Website life expectancy: expires within forty days.
  • Trust Index: Kubapharm.com achieved a bad Trust Score of 34%.
  • Business Ranking: It achieved a 58.6% business ranking.
  • Place of origin: The Co for Kubapharm.com is Germany.
  • Status of Blacklisting: It is not blacklisted.
  • SSL Status: IP has a valid SSL certification.
  • Threat Profile: 5/100.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 27/100.
  • Phishing Score: 5/100.
  • Malware Score: 2/100.
  • Spam Score: 4/100.
  • Connection Security: It sends information on a secured HTTPS protocol.
  • Contact person: unspecified at this website.
  • Social relations: Kubapharm.com is not present on social media.
  • Owner’s contact and Identity: censored using services of GDPR masked.

Frequently asked questions about the kubapharm.com website

Is this website fake?

This website may or may not be fake.

Is the kubapharm.com website a scam?

This website may or may not be a scam.

Is this website safe?

This website appears to be safe. But there are negative reviews.

Is the kubapharm.com website legit?

Yes, this website may or may not be legit.

You can find more about scam websites here.

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