LifeHeater Portable heater reviews – Scam or useful device?

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Life Heater is an innovative portable AC that will meet your heating requirements while saving you over 30% on energy costs. Space heaters are available only on the official website and are ideal for small rooms, such as bedrooms, offices, dorms or other smaller spaces. How does the heater work? How safe is this heater? How economical is the Life Heater?

What is the Life Heater?

Life Heater is a portable, compact and cost-effective electric space heater. It can provide targeted heat for rooms up to 350 sq. feet. The device prevents energy wastage that is common with most central heating systems.

Life Heater is an energy-efficient way to combat winter’s cold. The developer recommends this heater for every household because of its portability, adaptability and efficiency.

The electric personal heating can heat up your room very quickly. Life Heater utilizes a ceramic plate to quickly convert electrical energy into warmth. This small device reduces your utility bills up to 30 percent.

You should choose the Life Heater if you are looking for an easy-to-use, kid-friendly space heater. It comes with several safety features that prevent children or adults from injuring themselves. Compact and small, the AC powered by electricity is a great option. Despite its compact size, the AC can be placed in colder areas to keep you comfortable during the harsh winter weather.

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Life Heater: Features and Benefits


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Safety Features

Life Heater is advertised as a safe heater, perfect for rooms with pets and young children. It is equipped with a fire-prevention feature that prevents the spread of fires. To prevent children accidentally touching the Life Heater it is vital to use caution. It is best to use the Life Heater only under supervision and away from flammable material.

Life Heater Frequently asked Questions

Q: How heavy are the Life Heaters?

A: Life Heater is a lightweight device, weighing only about 0.68 kg.

Q: Can the Life Heater be used in the bedroom or other areas?

You can use the Life Heater safely in any indoor area, including playrooms. bedrooms, study rooms, and living spaces.

Q: Am I required to have special skills in order to operate the Life Heater properly?

A: The Life Heater will be ready for use as soon as it is unpacked. It doesn’t require any extra setup or configuration. The developer claims using the space heating is like charging a smartphone. The heater also has controls that allow you to adjust the temperature.

Life Heater will provide warmth you’ve never experienced before!

Q: Is the Life Heater suitable for large rooms?

The Life Heater will work for two or one person. This device can regulate the temperature of large rooms, up to 250 square foot.

How do I store a Life Heater heater?

A: According to the manufacturer, it is best to store your Life Heater for long periods of time in its original packaging. The heater should be cleaned and any dust removed before storage.

Q: Does the Life Heater last long?

The Life Heater, according to its manufacturer, can produce heat for up to five years.

Life Heater’s features set it apart. Some of its features are:


Life Heater, a portable and compact electric space heater. Move it around and you can stay warm in any area. It is portable, so you can bring it anywhere – even the office or hotel rooms.


With the Life Heater you can save more than 30% on your energy bills. The ceramic heating plates heat the room quickly and prevent the electricity costs from soaring.

Rapid Heating

The Life Heater will start heating up the heater within a matter of seconds. Comparing to central heating, the small heaters use a technology which certifies that your room will heat up within minutes.

Customized Heating

You can only heat certain areas with the Life Heater. The device prevents heat loss and high energy bills from heating unoccupied rooms. Life Heater allows for personalized heating that does not increase power bills.

Cost Effective

Life Heater is a great way to lower your energy bills. According to its maker, the system does not require any installation or maintenance fees compared to central heating systems. It heats specific zones, reducing energy waste. The Life Heater can be purchased at a lower price than many heating systems.

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Quiet Operation

Life Heater has a quiet operation. The device is quiet, so it will not disturb you during your work or sleep. Space heaters can be used for warming children’s rooms, without disrupting their sleep.

Space Saving

The Life Heater has a small, compact size. It occupies a small amount of floor space. It can be stored once the winter season is over.

Programmable Thermostats

Life Heater has thermostats and timing devices for precise heating. The heater has different heating options, from low to high.


Life Heater will reduce your carbon footprint. The eco-friendly version can help support global efforts in reducing energy losses. You can stop using coal, charcoal, and fuel-guzzling heating devices.

Installing and using the Life Heater

Life Heater is easy to use and doesn’t require technical expertise. All components are built-in, so it is user-friendly.

The Life Heater depends on electricity. The portable heater should be placed near an outlet. If you are in a room with flammable materials, make sure to remove them. Place the heater at a distance of three feet or more from any furniture or curtains.

The Life Heater User’s Manual will help you to understand the guidelines of the manufacturer.

Make sure the cord is in good shape. To get the best results, don’t overload the power outlet.

Plug the Life Heater in to an outlet with a grounded ground.

Simple control knobs let you select your desired fan speed and thermostat temperature.

Maintain the Life Heater as recommended.

Unplug your electric outlet when you are done using it

Stay cozy. Stay comfortable. Order your Life Heater today!

You can order the Life Heater directly from the official website

One unit: $59.99/each, plus $9.99 shipping

Two units: $54.99/each, plus $9.99 shipping

Three units: $51.99/each, plus $9.99 shipping

Four units: $44.99/each, plus $9.99 shipping

Life Heater is backed by a 30-day refund guarantee

Life Heater Final

The Life Heater is a lightweight personal space heater, designed to heat efficiently without driving up your energy bills. The heater is easy to use and convenient, making it ideal for any room. The Life Heater can be easily maintained and operated. Plugging the portable heater into an electrical outlet converts electricity quickly to heat by using advanced ceramics technology.

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