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Stay away from this site (

Do not buy from this site! Their tactic is to not ship what you ordered. When you contest the charge through your credit card company, this company will send a fictitious delivery receipt for a totally different product. My case. I ordered a golf club and they tried to convince Citicard that it was shipped

Fastenane Review {August 2022}: Is Fastenane Legit?

The Is Fastenane Legal provides genuine products information will help our online shoppers learn more about the site and make an informed decision. Are you looking for denim products at affordable prices? Are you seeking designer handbags? We are talking about a website that sells denim, handbags, and other products in a variety of styles. It has been approved

iphone was stolen

I called to report my iphone being stolen so that they could immediately deactivate it, that was over two hours ago, so I called my iphone number to see if it was disconnected yet and its NOT!!! I was on hold for almost an hour to even report it. Customer service sucks, as does their