Luk Sarees: the saree website, is it real or fake?


What is Luk Sarees: the saree website?

Luk Sarees: the saree website is an online contemporary home decor brand, collecting and curating exquisite pieces of home decor with a USP of having an artistic approach. Art is subjective and immensely opinionated. They are there to help one choose the kind of decor that represents their style, their art.

As contemporary as they claim to be, they started from Kolhapur, Maharashtra not that long ago. Their journey so far has been short yet impactful taking into account their consumers and reach.
Through faith and with grace, they have touched a milestone in bringing the uniqueness of art and utility of home decor together.

This is what they say about themselves. They say that they are not a scam. They say that they are legit and are lawfully right.

Luk Sarees products

At Luk Sarees, each product blends form and function expressing love for Art and making one’s everyday beautiful. They promise to deliver high-quality, premium home decor products safely and in good condition to the customer. They also aim to give their customers a product experience with Art so that everyone can #findtheirart with them.

After extensive research of trends, colors, looks, and textures, they strive to provide their consumers with products that are not only alluring and mesmerizing but also unique.

Aim of this website

Luk Sarees focuses on spreading Art and presenting its significance as illustratively as possible.
All our products are art-based and perfect to define one’s style. They aim to support all kinds of art without any judgments and spread awareness about the unexplored aspects of it by providing facts.

Ways to contact the owners of this website

Via Email: [email protected]

Contact number- 9313801855
Store address: G-112, Belgiam Square, Ring Road, Surat, Gujarat, 395002.

Luk Sarees, the saree website: real or fake?

According to a lot of reviews on the internet, Luk Sarees, the saree website is fake. They have paid in advance the price of the products. But in return, they have not received the products they ordered. This has happened to a lot of them. So, this website cannot be trusted. It’s a scam.

Another scandalous thing about this website is that they are selling costly sarees and other products at a very low price. This is very suspicious and a lot of people have expressed this. They are concerned about their money going to waste.

How to retrieve wasted money?

The people who have lost their money to this scam saree website: Luk Sarees have ways of retrieving it. They can go to their banks and state their complaints regarding the website and how they have eaten up their money. According to the rules of the RBI, the banks can look into the matter and then return the money to the customers as needed. The customers can also file a complaint with the Customer Care Department.

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    • yes, that is a fake website and please share this article with your friends and family so that they can also learn about that fake website.


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