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Is genuine or a fraud? We would not recommend it, as they have a poor trust score. The website appears to be suspect, at most for now. We have a Scam Detector offers an in-depth analysis of the business and the weight loss industry. Share your experiences and also. Check out this review, business details as well as technical analysis and more information to help determine if the site is legitimate or not. Review

A scan by the Scam Detector’s VLDTR(r) discovers has an authoritative ranking of 20.70. This means the business is classified as suspicious. Unsafe. Doubtful.

There are some legitimate reasons to consider that 20.70 mark. In addition, it is recent. It was registered just recently. This is a huge challenge for a brand-new site to establish the company, market the product and get people to purchase them, convince customers to test them, and finally, read the reviews in a short amount of time.

While giving credit where it is due our algorithm landed on the 20.70 rating after adding into the mix of 52 other pertinent aspects of its weight loss niche. The factors vary from Tranco rank as well as the quality of customer service, the IP address, the type of technology employed and negative social media reviews as well as an SSL certificate.

If you’re not sure the meaning of these terms above mean, don’t be worried. We take the time to search the internet, so that you don’t need to. One of the great things of using VLDTR(r) VLDTR(r) software is the fact that the rankings cannot be manipulated since it’s not based solely on reviews posted by users on the internet.


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The company behind is part of a popular weight loss niche. We gathered a small portion of their website to see whether it appeared to be user-friendly. Check the following:

The website’s design is poor and doesn’t have elements which could enhance it to be more visible online. In the end, it is viewed as less credible and suggests its credibility is questioned for a moment. When they make improvements to their back-end capabilities, we will change this information.

The above segment could provide information about’s target of its activity However, it is possible to expand beyond it. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind the rating.

Is a scam? What Would You Think of It?

Contribute to the information contained on this page. Are a fraud? If you’ve dealt with this company, what would you rate the experience? Do share your experience by submitting a review. You may have been in contact with the company or are thinking about doing business with them you are welcome to leave a comment.

Our Methodology to’s Evaluation

In the company Details section you’ve seen a number of tabs that each merited a careful examination. They are here again but this time with more depth.

While certain elements may be evident about Let’s turn our attention to other aspects.

Proximity to potentially harmful online entities

This measure measures the degree of connection, measured on a scale of 1 to 100 that is, between and websites that have been identified as suspicious. Higher scores indicate more of a connection with these online entities with a history of controversy.

But many webmasters might not be aware of the proximity of their website to these suspect server or platform. If your “Proximity to Suspicious Websites” score is greater than 80, it is a clear indication of the site is at risk, whereas any score less than 30 might be safe.

The numbers on are rather high, even though.

This identifies whether is blacklisted by directories on the internet and labeled as suspicious.

All the information is available It’s up to you the way you wish to manage this site.

Assessing the security of the HTTPS Connection

This tab will provide information on the possibility that includes an’s” in the middle of the HTTP protocol, which is visible in the address bar of your browser. Although some users may not have a deep understanding of the technology however, we’ll not go into the complexities of this protocol here. If the tab appears the color green, take it as to be a good sign.

Are You Managing

If you’re the proprietor of we would like to speak with you. Send us a message to [email protected] the com. If you’d want to challenge this review and/or your site’s rating, we are more than willing to take a closer review. But, you must be ready to present us with evidence of your company. This means that you must start by introducing yourself, and then be honest. The consumer is smart. They aren’t averse to websites that do not provide transparency for instance, the place of the company team, its location, or any other physical location.

Typically when domain owners contact us to contest our review we be grateful if they could share the following information, to allow better consideration when changing the rating

* Information from their ecosystem which would prove that you’re 100% reliable (certificate in incorporation registration of business official documents indicating that the business’s name is the only one used on the site or business that is not a different).

• Their personal profile on LinkedIn as well as social media accounts for the company’s on Facebook.

If that’s the case, please provide screenshots or proof of happy customers (not reviews on the site) and evidence of inventory, and cancellation of orders if requested;

Therefore, we’d be happy to revise our review immediately The more evidence you present, the higher your score will be. Thank you.

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