website review: is it real or fake?


Over thousands of online shopping, websites are available on the internet where shoppers can get all their requirements at their doorstep in just a few clicks. Furthermore, we have decided to expose the authenticity of the website.

What is the website? has a very low trust score which indicates that there is a strong likelihood the website is a scam. When our algorithm automatically reviewed we looked at many factors, such as the ownership details, location, popularity, and other factors relating to reviews, fake products, threats, and phishing. A trust score is created using all the collected data.

Although the website seems to have a very low rating, be aware that our algorithm is not perfect. It may not be a scam but a legit and safe site. It is therefore always wise to do your own research well.

Negative highlights about this website

  • The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity on WHOIS
  • According to Alexa, this site has a low Alexa rank
  • This website has received negative reviews
  • This website has been reported selling fake products
  • We found a negative association on Social Media

Points to prove that the website is fake

  • We see that the owner of the website is using a service to hide his/her identity. This may be because the owner does not want to get spammed. However, it also makes it difficult to identify the real owner of the website. As a result, websites hiding their identity get a slightly lower score.
    This website has been set-up several years ago. We consider this a positive sign. The longer a website exists, the more it can be expected that it is legit. However, the age of the website is unfortunately no guarantee. In some cases, scammers have been found to buy existing domain names and start their malicious practice here. So checking a website remains a necessity.
  • According to Alexa this site has a low Alexa rank. This means that the number of visitors to this website is quite low. You can expect this from a small, starting or niche website. A popular website however should have a higher Alexa ranking.
  • This website has received votes on Scamadviser that it may sell fake products. Fake products are often a lot cheaper than the real thing. However, they also have several disadvantages like helping organized crime and possibly endangering your own health. Websites offering fakes also often do not deliver as they know you are less likely to report them to the police.

Frequently asked questions about this website

Is the website fake?

Yes, it is fake.

Is this website a scam?

Yes, it is a scam.

Is the website legit?

No, this is not legit.

Is this website safe?

No, this website is not safe.

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