website review: Is it real or a scam?


There are a lot of scam websites nowadays. They fool the people. But there are legitimate websites as well. So, one must read the reviews of the websites they are opening properly on the internet. After that, they must decide whether the website is legit or a scam. One of these controversial websites is website.

What is the website? is probably not a scam but legit. We analyzed the website and came up with a review of of 71%. The websites that get this trust score have medium to low risk. Our trust score is crawling the web for information to automatically determine a rating.

We look at which country hosted the website. We also saw which place registered the domain, people used which technologies to make it, and 37 other facts. Scamadviser reviewed automatically. So we cannot guarantee that the rating is perfect.

Positive highlights of this website

  • Alexa is ranking this website high based on the traffic volume ()
  • People are giving this website positive reviews
  • We found a valid SSL certificate
  • The site has been set-up several years ago

Negative highlights of the website

  • On WHOIS, one cannot find the identity of the owner of the website
  • An iframe has been detected within the website
  • Cryptocurrencies detected, can be high risk
  • We found payment methods supporting anonymous transactions
  • Many people voted this website to be a scam

Points to prove that this website is fake

  • Noone could find the identity of the website owner. This may be done for a valid reason as spammers use this information to email website owners. Unfortunately it also makes identification of the owner difficult. We prefer if the website does show his true identity.
  • Cryptocurrency-related information and/or services were detected on this website such as digital exchanges, bitcoin mining, or investments into crypto-coins. These digital valuta services are very difficult to judge. Unfortunately, many crypto-sites prove to be scams.
  • The domain name of this website has been registered several years ago. In general, the older the website the more trustworthy it becomes. However, scammers sometimes buy existing websites and start doing their evil thing.
  • We identified the use of iframes or other technologies which make it possible to show content and functionality which is located on another web server. This does not happen often and if it does it often does not happen for any good reasons.
  • We have identified payment methods on this website that allow the company to remain anonymous. These payment methods usually also offer anonymity for the buyer. The disadvantage of these kinds of payment methods is that it is often very difficult or even impossible to get your money back if the merchant does not deliver the product or service. If possible, we advise consumers to use payment methods with some level of “money-back” guarantee such as the major credit card companies and Paypal.

Frequently asked questions about the website

Is this website fake?

This website might not be fake.

Is the website a scam?

This website might not be a scam.

Is this website safe?

This website might or might not be safe.

Is the website legit?

Yes, this website might be legit. We are not sure.

More about scam websites can be found here.

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