Premoya Reviews {May 2022}: Is Premoya Legit or Not?


If you’re considering buying something from this site, We suggest you search for Premoya reviews that will help you. Do you enjoy shopping for fancy and trendy clothes? There’s a website called Premoya which sells gorgeous and fashionable clothes. Premoya offers a wide range of items.

Since their products are attractive and appealing, customers worldwide are also attracted by this website. Everyone would like to know if the site is authentic or fake.

Therefore, before you invest your money, make sure you read the Premoya Review article to answer any questions you may have about the site. In this post, we will provide each aspect of the website; read it carefully.


Premoya can be described as an online clothing store established in 2022. The site offers a diverse assortment of clothing. The clothing they offer is specifically designed specifically for women. On their homepage, you’ll discover a wide selection of dresses. They offer maxi and nightdresses and have jumpsuits, tops, and swimsuits. In addition to clothing, they offer accessories.

The prices are pretty high, but they’ve been offering discounts on their items. The Premoya apparel business is committed to providing fashionable and comfortable clothes and has said that they’ve sold their products to more than 150 countries in the past.

Find out their specifications that will allow you to know is Premoya a legitimate business.

What is the premoya .com website?

premoya is an online site that retails in clothes, women’s wear, Maxi Dresses, Evening Dresses, jumpsuits, fancy jewellery, necklace, and Earrings.

And few products which are listed on their site V-neck printed holiday dress, Floral Tapestry Gown Dress, Sleeveless Floral Lace Jumpsuit.

And Doll Sleeve Solid Slit Jumpsuit, Waterdrop blue diamond multilayer necklace, Simple circle irregular large circle alloy earring, and other collections. 

According to the whois record, they registered this website on 18th January 2022 (Only three months old). And the trust score of this site is only 1% which is highly suspicious.


Newsletter is now available for updates.

Products Category: clothes, woman’s wear, Maxi Dresses, Evening Dresses, Jumpsuit, fancy jewellery, necklace, Earrings etc. 

Type of Product Name: V-neck printed holiday dress, Floral Tapestry Gown Dress, Sleeveless Floral Lace Jumpsuit, Doll Sleeve Solid Slit Jumpsuit, Waterdrop blue diamond multilayer necklace, Simple circle irregular large circle alloy earring 

Email Address- contact at [email protected]

Method of Payment The payment choices include Visa, MasterCard, etc.

Contact Number: not listed.

Delivery Time-Products are shipped within 7 to 15 days.

Shipping Time- Products ship within 3-10 business days. Domain Link-visit the website via Date- The website was first created on 2022/01/18.

Return Policy –To return goods, you must contact them within 14 days.

Exchange Policy – be aware through the Premoya Review that the items are exchangeable.

Refund PolicyRefund will be added to the payment made in its original form within a specified time.

We will now discuss the benefits and drawbacks that are on offer on the Premoya website. Don’t skip this section.

The Advantage of Premoya

Fashionable products are available.

The website uses the identical Portal as well as Url’s name.

The site is secured by using the HTTPS protocol.

The website has also provided the year of establishment for the business.

A few customer reviews can be posted on the site.

An option to sign up for newsletters is now available.

Disadvantage of Premoya

There aren’t any Facebook or Twitter accounts.

There is no owner information available.

Contact information is not authentic.

None of the genuine reviews from customers can be on any other website.

The price is relatively high.


Is Premoya Legit?

This step will review the legitimate checkpoints to determine whether it’s a fair or scam website. Don’t miss this section.

DiscountsDiscounts Discounts are on offer.

Content Quality – The About Us content is copied 73% and pasted from a different site.

The date of foundation of the PortalThe Portal was established on the 2022/01/18 date, just three months ago.

Expiry Date for Portal Expiry Date of Portal The site will cease operational on 2023/01/18.

Policies The policies can be available.

Address Authentication The address of the company is not accessible.

Trust Scoreknow through Premoya Review, the site’s trust score is just 1%, which is very low.

Trust Ranking Trust Ranking Trust Ranking has just 48.8 per cent.

The Social Media presence The site is not present on any social media platforms.

Customer Feedback Reviews are only available on their website.

Frequently asked questions about this website:

Is the premoya website fake?

Yes, this website is fake. We don’t recommend making any purchases from this website.

Is this website a scam?

Yes, premoya .com seems to be a scam website.

Is this website legit?

no, premoya doesn’t look like a legit website

Is the premoya website safe?

No, we found this website suspicious.

Customer Feedback

Based on the review, we’ve found specific reviews on their site. There are only a handful of customer reviews on their website. 

In addition, when we looked at other places, we could not find any reviews from other trustworthy websites. There is no review based on articles on this website, and a few evaluations are available.

The Bottom Line

After looking over the discussion above, we came across a website that sells clothing. It’s a brand new website that does not have social media accounts. 

It is not transparent, and the reviews only on their site cannot judge the website by their criteria since there aren’t any genuine reviews of customers on the internet. 

Therefore, this site can be categorized as a fraudulent website.

Our Opinion about premoya:

According to our manual check-up, we found this website suspicious, and we do not recommend our visitors to purchase from this website. You can also find a list of scam websites in April 2022. 

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