Raid on Sonu Sood’s House: Netizens made #IstandwithSonuSood trending

Rajasree Roy

The Income Tax officials raided Sonu Sood’s house yesterday. Still, now they are investigating Sonu Sood’s income tax files and information. Today also, They have continued the operation at Sonu Sood’s residence.Today is the second day. Netizens on Social media like Facebook, Twitter got furious and they made a hashtag trending saying that #IstandwithSonuSood. Fans of Sonu Sood have taken to Twitter to show their support for him. They are calling him a ‘true hero’.

A Twitter post went viral about him. It was “There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others. #IstandWithSonuSood.” There are a lot of posts saying “I support him”, “Don’t worry Sonu Sood sir, we are with you”. etc. People and the government still don’t know what will be the consequences of this raid. But getting support from common people, at this time is a priceless feeling for him.

Already Sonu Sood has been called “True hero”, Masiha, by everyone for his social works. As today is the second day of this operation, his fans have reached Sonu Sood’s residence. On the other hand, the officials are not sharing any information at this stage as the survey operation is still going on.

But news sources revealed that the IT department surveyed Sonu’s property since allegedly there has been tampering in the book of accounts related to the actor. According to reports, the IT department has surveyed six locations related to Sonu Sood and his companies. Today, the survey continued till late hours and officials declined to disclose any further information.

Sonu Sood is a Bollywood actor. He became famous for his social work for migrant laborers and peoples in the covid 19 Pandemic. Sood recently promoted his online job portal -Pravasi Rojagar. He set up this portal to help migrant laborers. In September 2020, Sood was picked for the ‛SDG Special Humanitarian Action Award by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for his helpful works during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently he became the brand ambassador of an educational program of Delhi government.

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