Revisiting Firozabad Rail Disaster of 1995

Rajasree Roy

Firozabad rail disaster is India’s one of worst and horrible disasters. The Firozabad rail disaster happened on 20 August 1995 close to Firozabad on the Delhi-Kanpur segment of India’s Northern Railway, at 02:55. In this case, an express train collided with an express train face to face. This train hit a cow and 358 people. Some sources inform it was more than about 400 people. 

The Firozabad rail disaster occurred in the Indian province of Uttar Pradesh. The two trains were headed for the Indian capital, New Delhi. The first train was the “Kalindi Express” from Kanpur. It struck a cow and couldn’t continue as its brakes were harmed. It was then struck from behind at a speed of 70 km/h by the Purushottam Express from Puri.

Three carriages of the Kalindi express were dislocated. The engine and front two carriages of the Puri train were wrecked. Most of the 2200 travelers onboard the two trains were snoozing at the hour of this rail disaster. 

The Firozabad rail disaster was suggestive of the further discomfort besetting the Railways was clear as consequences of the underlying examinations became known. Firozabad station appears to be unique from the 100-odd stops that line the bustling course among Delhi and Mughalsarai. It is, be that as it may, very occupied, with a train going through it like clockwork. A larger part of them simply tears through the station dangerously fast.

This Firozabad rail disaster was a horrible incident in India. There were tears, screams, and cries all over the nation. The railway department stated then that it was their fault. In October 1994, the Northern Railways’ signaling department gave a proposal to the board to automate the signaling systems in the remaining 43 stations in that sector, including Firozabad. After that, the problems and system got easier for the country.

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