Revisiting Hathras Victim Case one year later: brother of victim cross-questioned

Rajasree Roy

It’s going to be one year after taking place of Hathras gang rape and murder case. Yesterday, the brother of the victim was cross-questioned in the court for the first time in Hathras court. It took time for five to six hours long. This is the first time the prosecution cross-questioned him.

The next hearing of the case will be on the 9th of September. The brother of the victim of the Hathras case was continuously cross-questioned for a very long time. He looked very devasted. Reporters couldn’t get a statement from him. 

Advocate Seema stated after stepping out of the court that she is threatened in the courtroom by some local lawyers and persons who are related to this case. She already launched a complaint. And the trial will be on camera afterward. But in some annexures, her petition got dismissed. So advocate Seema sought security from PM Narendra Modi and CM of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath. 

Earlier in April this year, The UP Special Task Force (UP STF)  filed a charge sheet against eight members from the Popular Front of India (PFI). There was one charge sheet including a journalist before a Mathura court. The charge sheet had 50,000 pages.

In 2020, this time of the year, September 14, a 19-year-old Dalit woman was allegedly raped by four persons in Hathras district. It was when she had gone to the fields. She was referred to Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital then in an extremely critical condition. Then she died two weeks later on September 29, 2020. To destroy the shreds of evidence these four people threatened her family and allegedly cremated her body.
The family of the victim was tortured at that time. With this case, politics even started. Politicians came and tried to give condolences to them. After having all these issues and tortures, the family of the victim just wants justice. And we hope they will get justice.

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