Ryze Mushroom Coffee Review Does It Taste Better Than Coffee?

Subhan N

Are you wondering whether Ryze Mushroom Coffee lives up to its raving reviews? A registered dietician SaVanna Shoemaker put Ryze to the test of taste and dives deep into the nutritional advantages.

Ryze Mushroom Coffee is one of the most sought-after products that capitalize on the popularity of coffee with mushrooms. The teas or coffees that are mushroom-based are drinks that include the blend of adaptogenic, functional mushrooms, which can aid in improving performance, focus and digestion, as well as immunity or overall health and even morning stand-bys like tea or coffee.

Ryze has been praised by many and is among the top-rated mushroom coffees available. A lot of people are happy with the organic ingredients it contains as well as the extensive, long list of the potential benefits of the mushrooms it is made of.

I’ve personally tried it and wrote about my experienceand details about Ryze prior to buying in this thorough Ryze Superfoods Review.

Always be sure to speak with your physician before introducing Ryze as well as any diet or dietary supplements into your diet.

What is it like to taste? Our Ryze Taste Test

I’ve had numerous opportunities test the products of mushroom coffee which is why I was so excited to test Ryze.

It was easy to make my order. And when I placed my order, I was offered the opportunity to win the gift of a wooden spoon.

Ryze Mushroom Coffee box set packaging.

My order was delivered quickly and took approximately six days for it to arrive.

Ryze Mushroom coffee packaging.

The directions stated that it can be made with ice or hot water, which is why I tried it both ways. It blends well in both cold and hot water. There was no sediment or clumps in the bottom of the cup even when mixing it using the spoon.

I made it hot and chilled with some of my preferred syrup and creamer. It’s akin to an instant dark roast perhaps with a hint of earthiness. It has absolutely no mushroom flavor to me.


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Pros and Pros and Ryze Coffee


  • It tastes good and mixes well
  • Half the amount of caffeine in regular coffee.
  • Reviewers are generally very positive
  • Easy to modify or cancel subscription


  • Evidence of the benefits of mushrooms isn’t available.
  • Much more expensive than regular coffee.
  • The exact amount of mushrooms isn’t known.

What is Ryze?

Ryze is a coffee substitute created using a mixture of coffee and medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil as well as a blend of mushrooms.

Ryze Mushroom Coffee, warm coffee served in an cup.

I enjoyed it. Because it’s half the caffeine of a normal cup of coffee I thought it was the perfect afternoon energy boost. I was awed by the ease of mixing it into cold water.

Ryze Mushroom Coffee iced coffee in the tall glass.

I can imagine it being an ideal alternative to your regular cup of coffee, particularly if you take a cup every day. If, like me, and you take many cups, then you’ll have to purchase more than one bag each month.

Ryze Reviews

Ryze has mostly positive reviews. Ryze Superfoods’ Ryze Superfoods website includes more than 16,000 reviews with an average of 4.9 stars. Ryze has more than 800 reviews that average 4.8 ratings on Trustpilot.

The majority of negative reviews were about billing and subscription issues but not the actual product.

Many reviewers were satisfied with the taste of the product. Many say they feel more alert, less bloated and more healthy after using Ryze.

Who should try Ryze?

Ryze might be a suitable choice for you if you can identify with one or all of these:

You’re interested in adaptogens to improve digestive health, brain health and immunity, as well as other benefits for health.

You’re looking to lower the amount of caffeine you consume.

You’re looking for an alternative that is healthier than coffee or other drinks of preference.

You’re looking for an easy method to include functional mushrooms into your diet.

You’ve had other coffees made with mushrooms but weren’t too impressed by their flavor or how well they blended.

In addition, a cup of coffee has 48 milligrams caffeine, which is about half the amount of caffeine contained in an average cup of coffee.

The ingredients naturally contain certain minerals and vitamins, these aren’t listed when you read the ingredients. But, mushrooms are excellent food sources for B vitamins as well as vitamin C as well as antioxidants (2).

Ingredients and benefits

This is a brief summary of the main ingredients in Ryze and their claimed benefits, and what research indicates.

Ryze Organic Mushroom Blend

The most important ingredient of Ryze includes 2000 mg of organic Mushroom Blend included in each serving. It is made up of six mushrooms with each one offering a unique benefit as per the packaging.

Cordyceps to increase stamina

The Genus Cordyceps could provide many advantages but one of the most fascinating and valuable one is the fact that they may aid in improving your endurance.

In a study from 2020 researchers discovered that Cordyceps mushrooms could enhance exercise performance by assisting your body to produce more energy on the cells, thereby decreasing the impact of fatigue in a small amount (3).

Similar effects were found in a study conducted in 2019 that involved 14 adults who used a mix consisting of Cordyceps mushrooms as well as the herb known for its adaptogenic properties Rhodiola rosea every day for eight months (4).

Coffee is also linked to greater overall well-being (20).

Coconut milk and MCT oil round off Ryze’s ingredients list. They improve Ryze’s flavor and add slightly smooth texture.

Does Ryze Effective?

There’s some evidence to prove the validity of all mushrooms found in Ryze for the purpose they’re claimed to serve, however it’s crucial to consider certain things to keep in mind when you contemplate buying the product.

Consistency: In order to reap the advantages, you’ll likely need to use the product regularly for weeks or months, and then keep taking it for until you’re ready to enjoy the benefits.

Research quality: While there are some studies to prove the benefits of the mushroom species in Ryze however, the majority of research originates from tests on animals or in test tubes that are considered to be of low quality when compared with human studies. Even human studies on the mushrooms are small and most of them weren’t real randomized controlled trialsthat is, that we don’t have any idea if those effects observed in the study in fact due to the mushrooms.

Dosage: In the majority of the human studies conducted on these mushrooms, doses between 5 and 10 grams of mushrooms or extracts of mushrooms were typical. But, Ryze only contains 2 grams of each of these mushrooms however they do not disclose how much of each the mix has. Ryze might not be able to provide sufficient amount of each mushroom to make it effective.

Form: Lastly in a few research studies, particular extract of a mushroom was utilized, such as polysaccharides. Ryze is the entire of the mushroom itself, but could not be as effective as a particular compound that was that is extracted from the mushrooms.

Safety and potential downsides of Ryze

While Ryze can be used safely by the majority of users, there are some who need to be aware when making use of Ryze.

If you’re averse to caffeine, Ryze might not be a suitable choice for you.

Even if your body isn’t sensitive to caffeine drinking at least 400 milligrams caffeine in a day could result in unpleasant side effects such as insomnia, jitters, and anxiety. 1 cup Ryze is packed with more than 48 mg caffeine but it’s crucial to take into consideration other sources of caffeine that you can consume, including tea, soda as well as normal espresso (21).

Additionally, not much information about what is known about the safety of the mushrooms found in Ryze for specific health conditions or for people who are taking certain medications. Certain mushroom extracts can interact with blood thinners (22).

To avoid this it is important to talk with your doctor prior to starting Ryze If you’re experiencing any medical conditions that are present or are taking prescription medication.

Additionally, while Ryze is safe for use during pregnancy It’s still a good idea to talk to your physician prior to taking it in case you’re nursing or pregnant.

Cost Subscription, Shipping, and Cost Options

Ryze typically costs $45 for a bag, however new customers are charged just 30 cents for the first bag of 30-serves. Regular shipments get 20percent off of the normal cost, which is $36 for each.

You could also buy bulk of up to three bags at once to save money if you are a fan of Ryze, particularly if you consume a lot of cups each day, or when you have several household members drink Ryze at home.

Free shipping is included for all purchases.

It’s simple to change or cancel your subscription right through the Ryze website also. If you’re not averse to the price increase and don’t wish to lock yourself to a contract however, you are able to buy without registering.

In addition, Ryze offers their coconut milk-based creamer as well as a Mushroom Matcha (green tea) which is slightly less expensive than Mushroom Coffee.

How to prepare Ryze

In accordance with the directions in the packaging according to the instructions on the package, you can make Ryze with 1 tablespoon of the powder mixed with up to eight to ten pounds cold or hot water. It is possible to serve it chilled, iced, or hot. You can also add different liquids than waterfor instance, dairy and plant milk. In addition, adding creamer or sweetener will make the flavor more acceptable. Ryze provides a coconut milk-based creamer available for to purchase from their web site.

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