Shreya Ghoshal and Parag Agarwal: the talk of the town

Shreya Ghoshal has recently been the talk of the town. This has happened for the last two days. It started when social media site Twitter decided to make Parag Agarwal its new CEO.

Ever since this announcement by Twitter, the people of the country are after Parag. They started trolling both Shreya and Parag by searching and finding out their old tweets.

It musty be known that Shreya and Parag are childhood friends. Shreya announced this herself on Twitter nearly 10 years ago. But the people of the country took to their old tweets and started commenting on them.

Parag’s tweet

Among them is a tweet by Parag Agarwal on the  30th of May, 2011. It was a reply to one of Shreya’s tweets. It said, “@shreyaghoshal lambi drive pe tu hamesha yaad aati hai 😊aur kya chal raha hai aajkal?” Another reply to Shreya was, “Nice DP! Kya haal chaal hai?”

After Parag became the CEO, people were after him by digging up these tweets. They called him a cheap person because of his behavior and response to Shreya’s tweets. They also said that Men will be Men. This means that the behavior of men will not change no matter what.

People also said that the new CEO of Twitter is a desi simp. This means that Parag is a person who is a one-sided lover and has years to communicate with his love. Parag was literally being attacked because of his tweets.

At last, Shreya could take this no more. So, she took a stand for Parag. She gave a befitting reply to these trollers. On the night of the 30th of November, Tuesday, she looked into the entire matter and tweeted on it. She rebuked the trollers and chided them for their actions.

Shreya’s tweet

She tweeted, “Aare yaartum log kitne bachpan ke tweets nikaal rahe ho! Twitter had just launched 10 years pehle! We were kids! Dost ek dusre ko tweet nahi karte kya? Kya timepass chal raha hai ye?”

On seeing this tweet of Shreya’s, most of the people are appreciating her for her stand. They are also taking her side. A user called Nikhil replied to her tweet saying, “Idhar Twitter pe timepass he hota hai aap seriously na le isko.”

Another user called Amogh tweeted a reply directing to the nation’s people. It said, “What a shame, she had to clarify! People really do not know when to stop.” A third Twitter user praised Shreya and tweeted, “How well handled, taking light trolling in the right spirit without creating any unwarranted issues. That is why we admire @shreyaghoshal.”


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