Fake job offer scam in TATA INDIA LIMITED


This is the time of Covid-19. It is a pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs because of this. The majority of the people who have lost their jobs belong to the private sector. The government employees are easily sitting at home with one leg on top of the other and counting their salaries. During this difficult time, people are on the lookout for jobs everywhere. They get very excited at the prospect of receiving any kind of offer letter, as for example, from TATA.

The people are in a state of a hurry to apply for these jobs or pay heed to their instructions. They hurry so much that forget to check the most vital thing: whether that job offer is fake or not.

Now, it has come to light that many people are receiving a message on their phones from the TATA group of companies. This message says, “This is company HR from TATA INDIA LIMITED. The company has selected you. You will join the company in your city.

Download your offer letter from the given link. You are selected online by our Appointment Department Staff Recruitment Campus. Tomorrow you can face the meeting and can be join the company in your home city home location.

Kindly read the letter and complete the Employee Registration Process. Today is the last day for complete the registration process. You can also face meeting at your home by online (ZOOM/SKYPE/GOOGLE MEET).

If you want to come to company, the company HR will provide you special staff vehicle for coming to company. Today is the last day of registration. If you want more details, please contact company HR- 9927692131.”

TATA’s fake letter

It has been verified that this offer letter is fake.

First of all, it does not fit the format of the offer letter given by the real company. People have gone to Twitter and uploaded an image of the letter. With that, they have tagged the company or someone in charge belonging to the company. Along with that, they have added their query asking to verify if the offer letter is fake or not. The result was as expected. The company proved that the letter was a scam.

Secondly, the offer letter has a lot of grammatical errors. If the offer letter came from the real company, it would be perfect in English. This is because everyone knows that the person from whom the letter is coming is well-educated. That is the reason why that person is holding such an important position in the company- the position of HR.

Thirdly, in this offer letter which comes after clicking the link, there is a mention that there is an employee registration fee for TATA. The fee is Rs. 1000. But when asked directly to the company, they clearly denied this. They said and mentioned on their site that they do not charge any participant for coming to an interview or during the selection process.

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