Reviews {2023}: Scam Crypto Investment Platform

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Have you heard about Stretax Crypto? Are you being contacted by people on Discord saying they won a prize? Are you curious to find out whether the offer is genuine or genuine? Find this review to learn more about Stretax

How The Scam Works:

In the beginning, they will entice you false promises of high returns and minimal risk.

You are then required to give the details of your financial and personal details.

Then, you are requested to deposit a certain amount (usually $250) before you can begin trading.

When the time comes to withdraw your money, they will come up with a variety of excuses. Most of the time, you’re required to pay tax that is higher than your initial deposit. When you do, you can’t withdraw the money and you’ve been scammed.

What is Stretax?

Stretax is located on is a fraudulent site that claims to offer trading in Crypto. It claims it was designed for those who are interested in crypto markets, but with no understanding of trading or about how cryptocurrency works.


According to the website, it promises safe storage for managing digital assets through a combination of cold wallets and Multi-party computing (MPC) technology. It is also claiming to use modern technology to keep your money secure, and keep in front of any vulnerabilities or attack attempts to exploit.

The app claims to be developed around a tested formula to win trades and the only thing you have to do to start making money is make a single deposit and then turn it on.

However, this Stretax is a fraud, it will transfer bitcoin to your wallet making use of a referral code in their exchange, however to withdraw any bitcoin, you have to make a deposit of 0.015btc minimum. This screams fake.

The scammers continue to launch fresh “systems” and “apps” under different names like Dotxbep, Dotxswap an attempt to get around the criticism so that they can continue to trick users into signing up.

The fact is there is no doubt that Stretax is a scam since many people have left negative reviews on the internet, calling Stretax what it really is: a SCAM.


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A few investors made this quote:

Total fraud of BTC You must transfer into a verity account. After the deposit your account won’t be verified, and you are unable to take back your BTC never again


4 Reasons Why Should Avoid

The website isn’t governed by any regulatory body, and as such, the individuals behind it are able to part from your funds at any moment.

They pay high commissions and fees.

There’s no enough information available on the site.

When it’s time to withdraw your money, you are greeted with a myriad of reasons, and then at the end, you can’t withdraw, and you could lose your cash.


In the above it is evident the fact that Stretax Trading is a scam as was Dotxbep that we have previously reviewed Investors should be cautious of these sites since their goal is to scam off unwary investors.

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