Third Wave of Covid Surge Likely to Hit in October


As per the Mathematical model found by analysts at IIT Kanpur and IIT Hyderabad, the third wave in India could hit in October. Now average every week 40,000 people are getting infected. They said as people are still unaware about covid, so the wave can get the peak earlier than the prediction time.

Research scholars are predicting that, this wave will be smaller than the previous wave, the third wave surge will affect 1,00,000 to 1,50,000 people daily during its peak. The examination said that the third wave would be a lot more modest in correlation yet underscored the need to stay cautious against the infection. They stated that vaccination drive will emphasize decreasing the surge and will help to recognize hotspots. Maharashtra and Kerala could turn the situation in an oblique position.

Mathukumalli Vidyasagar and Manindra Agrawal at IIT Hyderabad and IIT Kanpur, respectively, conducted this mathematical model. Vidyasagar sent an email to Bloomberg, stating that, states like Maharashtra and Kerala could turn the situation in an oblique position. Maharashtra has been the hotspot of covid since 2020 lockdown. And Kerala is now reporting more than half of whole country’s cases. Kerala is reporting those active cases, because they have the highest rate for covid testing. So the prediction is a warning for all of us to be aware what’s going to happen next. Government is now hoping that, the mathematical model will soon predict about the target age group and the time lapse of third wave surge. They are now worried about vaccination drive because the festive season is coming soon after October.

In first wave 2 Lakh covid cases were highest and India saw 7.5 % of the surge. That was quite in control and cases were decreasing in December, 2020. But Indian Government wasn’t prepared for second wave so the whole system shattered here. Now people of India is getting vaccinated and researcher has predicted this earlier, so the citizens of India hope that they will survive that third wave surge.

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